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'History of Joy' is an ordinary attempt for portraying the transformation of a youth. It is loaded with myriad insipid moments.
Nov 26, 2017 By K. R. Rejeesh

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DVD Release: Apr 24 2018

What is the moral of the story? This would be the first question that comes to the mind after watching "History of joy," directed by newbie Vishnu Govindan. The whole efforts are devoted to the transformation process of the hero. There is no relevance for the question "who's right and who's wrong?" The writer-director ultimately wants the hedonist to learn a lesson in life or undergo a litmus test; something like being trapped in bizarre situations or get the first-hand experience of the hardships in life.

The problem of the director is his inability to convert the hardships into a valid and convincing screenplay. Portrayal of seeking job or living in sordid conditions has limitations to bring out the real effect. The format of losing jobs and attending umpteen interviews is as old as the hills.


maker Vinayan's son Vishnu Vinay makes his debut in "History of Joy," which has a tale meant for the purgation of the sinner. The film is about Joy Andrews (Vishnu Vinay), who starts life afresh after his eight years of imprisonment in connection with a murder case. Overlooked by his rich father Joseph Andrews (Sai Kumar), Joy does odd jobs to make a livelihood in Kochi. Once in a decisive moment of his life, Joy bumps into his old friend Jasmine (Sivakami) and it gives hopes of a new beginning.

The major portions of the film belong to Joy, and the incidents associate with him are an apparent indication of unimaginative writing. Vishnu Vinay strives to bring out the best in him in all possible way to portray Joy.

K. R. Rejeesh


Rajoy Alfes

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In recent times Mollywood has seen many new faces proving their mettle on the big screen. Here is a film which gives an opportunity to yet another actor Vishnu Vinay to prove that he is going to stay on the screen. Vishnu Govind, the director, has done a good job and he holds a good promise to good cinema. Vinay Fort, Sai Kumar, Sunil Sukhada, Joju George and Noby Markose have done their roles well. 'History of Joy' is a good one time watch, value for money spent guaranteed back.