Mazhai Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film
Mar 24, 2005 By P.V.Sathish Kumar,Oct 5, 2005

"Mazhai" is a remake of a Telugu blockbuster "Varsham". But "Mazhai" misfires badly simply because it is never blessed with freshness, innovation and warmth of "Varsham".

Everything about this film feels rushed, unsurprising and uninspiring.

The film fails to impress because of the weak story line. What started as a clean love story turns into an intense action movie at the end. Overall, it is just about an average entertainer.

Here goes the story…

Arjun (Ravi) and Shailaja (Shriya) hailing from Abasamudhram love each other. Shailaja loves rain and therefore they meet in places where it rains.

Deva (Rahul Dev), a local landlord is a cruel, selfish and wanton character. He too falls in love with Shailaja. He embarks on malicious deeds to marry her.

Sundaramoorthy (Kalabhavan Mani), Shailaja's dad is an unsophisticated shenanigan. With an eye on Deva's money, Sundaramoorthy goes hand and in glove with Deva to see his daughter get married to him.

Quirk turn of events forces the lovers to separate. Shailaja takes up film and her popularity grows. Sundaramoorthy realizes Shailaja's potential as a money-spinner, and ditches Deva.

An enraged Deva kidnaps Shailaja. The remaining part of the story tells how Arjun rescues Shailaja from Deva and the lovers unit.

"Jayam" Ravi is appealing as ever. With every movie, he is proving to be a versatile actor who can perform action and romance equally good.

Shriya is the cynosure to all eyes especially when she dances. Her dance movements are graceful and natural. On-screen chemistry between Ravi and Shriya is perfect.

Rahul Dev and Kalabhavan Mani has given a restrained performance and that they have lived up to the expectations.

Presence of Venkat Prabhu and Ambika is not felt at all. The director has wasted their screen time. Vadivelu's comedy is nothing but infantile.

Music director Devi Sri Prasad has orchestrated the music. But one song, he has retained most of the songs from the original.

The debutant film director Raj Kumar's character and plot development is passable. The film at the end proves to be half-backed.

P.V.Sathish Kumar,Oct 5, 2005