Oru Kadhai Sollattumaa Tamil Documentary

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Oru Kadhai Sollattumaa is a 2019 Indian documentary film directed by Prasad Prabhakarn starring Rasool Pookutty, Joy Mathew and Sunil Sukhada. The documentary is produced by Rajeev Panakal and the music composed by Rahul Raj.

Release: April 5 2019 (India)
Language: Tamil
Director: Prasad Prabhakarn



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Cast & Crew Details:
Rasool Pookutty
Joy Mathew
Sunil Sukhada

Director: Prasad Prabhakarn
Producer: Rajeev Panakal
Production Company: Palm Stone Multimedia
Music Director: Rahul Raj
Sound Designer: Rasool Pookutty
Editor: Llewellyn Anthony Gonsalves
Screenplay Writer: Prasad Prabhakarn
Song Choregrapher: Sandy

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