Kuttanadan Marpappa Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2018 | U | Comedy
Visually rich and poor in content, this romantic drama takes us to the familiar landscape of a rustic village in Alappuzha. The tale is badly deprived of focus and freshness.
Mar 30, 2018 By K. R. Rejeesh

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DVD Release: Jun 13 2018

With the backwaters remaining as witness, director Sreejith Vijayan takes the plunge to unveil a story that bobs only on the surface of romance genre. The theme of love and betrayal, which is as old as the hills, is compensated by the visual opulence created by Arvind Krishna. It's a snap for you to identify the crude and parched romance that sustains the lethargic feel throughout.

Shanthi Krishna as Mary represents the unorthodox mother, who lends support to all the trivial doings of her son John Paul (Kunchako Boban). An unsuccessful shutterbug, John falls in love with panchayath president Ummachan's (Innocent) daughter Jessy (Aditi Ravi) in a bizarre situation. Things become familiar with the trite introduction of an antagonist in the guise of her bridegroom, Peter (Ramesh Pisharody).

The elusive demeanour of Jessy is convincingly portrayed by Aditi Ravi though performing the character is not a challenging task. Kunchako Boban has hardly anything solid to perform in the typical carefree youth role while Shanthi Krishna neatly exudes the grace and determination of the character.

Obviously, the haute visuals of Karuvatta village and the art settings of the film rule the roost, overshadowing the frivolous screenplay written by the director. The scenery is squandered within an unexciting tale that has shades of light revenge. This modern age love story carries occasional flashes of light moments but fails to engage romantically.

As the film progresses, one would reasonably wonder why does the script face constraints in depicting events? Lack of creative endeavour is the major drawback as the film is just beating around the bush to land on its core theme. To sum up, there is no real love but only splendid visuals.

K. R. Rejeesh