83 Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2021 | Drama, Sports | 2h 43min
83 - A sheer brilliance in bringing back the unforgettable history LIVE!
Dec 26, 2021 By Ram Arunachalam

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The film has captured all key events and incidents (many unknown ones), that drove Indian Cricket Team to win the World Cup during 1983 - The challenges and resilience as a team they had to get through, unlike today's luxury, the teams enjoy.

Be it Ranveer, Jeeva, or every actor enacted as Indian Team Cricket players... have given their souls to the roles, making the viewers experience the amazingly written history LIVE!

Only when watched, the fact of realization that confirms it's been an absolute team effort, where each one of the team members have contributed in either one of the matches, that made the progress for India win 1983 World Cup! Especially many might not know the contribution of Yashpal Sharma (fondly aka "Crisis Man for India") who had been a key and consistent batsman during the 1983 world cup (the title card mentions a remembrance to him, as he last breathed Jul 2021). Yashpal way of mentioning Acidity as STD was hilarious, along with Sandeep Patil teasing it 😊

Ranveer Singh as Kapil Dev is meritorious and raving all through, and by his knock-dead performance, he had even raised the respect for the legend Kapil Dev to the highest peaks!

Though Kapil had lagged in the English language, his leadership skills and rapport with team members have been motivating and inspiring. The confidence in a simple and strong response he gives to British journalists during a press conference, "we are here to win" brings in goosebumps and inspires instantaneously. His knock of 175 not out against Zimbabwe had been strikingly captured! What an innings it had been... will always remain as an amazing history forever!

Jeeva as Krishnamachari Srikanth (fondly aka Cheeka among team members) is an apt choice and fits in splendidly. Meeting with Queen of England and dinner with Tamil family were hilarious and scores high at an official dinner where he speaks greatly about Kapil Dev.

The real Mohinder Amarnath as Lala Amarnath was a perfect fit and the real Kapil Dev himself appears as an audience in catching a sixer hit of his own 175 knock makes the audience roar!

Sunil Gavaskar's timely inputs on the field have been well captured and his seniority among team members is maintained with a caliber, with even Kapil always mentioning him as Sunny Bhai.

Pankaj Tripathi as PR Man Singh - Manager of the 1983 Indian Cricket Team is one never to be forgotten and Man Singh has been an integral part of the success of the team without a doubt.

Roger Binny's thank you note during the semi-finals, "To my captain" showcases the respect he had for Kapil Dev.

West Indian fast bowler Malcolm Marshal's son Mali himself has enacted his father's role in the film and the entire actors for West Indian team players were picture-perfect - Viv Richards, Clive Lloyd, Andy Roberts, Larry Gomes, Gus Logie, Gordon Greenidge, and many more.

Spectacular visuals, capturing of the matches completely shot in England... prove it Kabir Khan is one amazing Indian filmmaker, who does not settle for usuals and makes amazing ones like 83 and Bajrangi Bhaijaan!

Kudos to the study made, detailing, and presenting it very effective on the screen which even makes the audience patriotic and watching out for every ball, though all know India won the world cup by 1983!

Don't ever miss it to watch this history LIVE in theatres! You're sure to be inspired! It's better to watch it in 2D instead of 3D, as watching in 3D made the visuals a little dull and dark.

Ram Arunachalam