Viswasam Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2019 | U | Action, Drama
Viswasam is a long wound melodramatic 'Thala' drama that tests the 'loyalty' of the star's fan base during harsh times! Avoidable!!
Jan 13, 2019 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

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A few decades down the line, if film historians are to research on the anomalies of Indian cinema, then the films with the combination of director Siva and Ajith would feature in that list. It's pretty hard to explain how the two of them have found common ground and stuck to the combination for close to 5 years while testing a new low with the screenplay each time.

Regarding the subject of choice, they started with 'Veeram', a rural family drama and now with 'Viswasam', their 4th collaboration, they've revisited the rural family drama genre, completing a full circle. For those of you pondering over the connection of the title with the movie, you're in for some disappointment. Because there's none, it's just meant to gather the fans to exhibit their loyalty towards their own 'Thala'.

The story is about Thookudurai (Ajith), the bigwig of a village who has a sour past with his wife, Niranjana (Nayanthara) and daughter Swetha (Anikha). For a decade he's been estranged by his wife. Then, the backstory is revealed, and it's all how Thooku Durai mends his relationship and reunites with his family.

When it comes to an Ajith or a Vijay or any superstar movie, believability and authenticity are a matter of choice and is very subjective. However, the stars should also realise that and try and do some justice for the screenplay and story, rather than blatantly shoving up whatever they feel might work giving least emphasis for rationale.

The method actor in Ajith has tried his level best to deliver dialogues with a Madurai slang. However, we end up getting served with a Pasta dipped in tasty drumstick 'sambar'. If you could drool at this choice, then, bravo. Else, you're not alone. So, that's the sort of character makeover an actor who has spent more than two decades in Tamil cinema could bring to the table. Even the junior actors do a better job at choosing their characters. Ajith just couldn't fit himself into that mould of the village guy, no matter how thick and colourful his mush and beard could be.

Nayanthara had her "I am the queen" mode ON. She carried herself with pride and fell for the hero as was expected in such films. She may not have done the Kollywood's hallmark 'loosu ponnu' role but could be classified as a dumb heroine who made an obvious blunder. Ok, I can hear that some shout at me loudly that love is blind. Love is also actually without brains like Siva's screenplay.

After tons of men were kicked around, Ajith's fists were due for an overhaul. So, there was some melodrama with his daughter. Anika was the atypical "movie kid" who is bright and sparkles on screen. The villain, Jagapathi Babu was worked into the script with another lame subplot. When he challenges the hero for what he needs, one has some rib-tickling laughs.

Imman's music was utterly forgettable, and as expected from these movies, the BGM was on steroids and tested the eardrums. The stunts were aplenty, and if one were to remember the fights, it comes in all varieties with a plethora of goons. Cinematography and editing didn't have any scope in the entire movie.

Nothing about the movie is mention worthy. Even the comedy with Vivek and Yogi Babu were average. The proceedings that kick off with a promise for Ajith fans take a long winding and boring melodramatic route before crashing down with a thud, thanks to a screenplay that sort of highlights at the end on how to grow and nurture one's, own kids. To put it just, avoidable.

Baranidharan Sivasankaran