Kanchana 3 Review

Apr 19, 2019 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

Ever since Raghava Lawrence introduced the 'Kanchana' series that served as the harbinger of the comedy horror genre in Kollywood a few years back, it's been a merry ride for the filmmaker at the box office. All that he was expected to dish out were a few scares with the same template and same set of supporting artists. The story and screenplay were the least thought about things. If one were to mix and match between the scenes from all the Kanchana series movies, still they would add up - take a bow for the 'consistency.'

In terms of story, there's nothing much in Kanchana 3 if one were to be familiar with the previous parts. The ghost that is suppressed and imprisoned under a neem tree is released by our 'scary' hero only to wreak havoc among his family members. Of course, the ghost(s) have their back story and go about avenging for what is 'right.'

What was disheartening were the narrative elements that treaded on shoddy perversion. The leading man announcing his entry into a house asking for 'figures' and the 'figures' taking turns to jump onto his hips were scarier than the ghostly elements. 'Loud, crass and dumb' are some of the terms that one would associate with the dialogues and delivery.

As mentioned, there were three heroines - Oviya, Vedhika, and Nikki. They were happily being exploited and objectified with slyly fused in misogynistic gestures at every possible juncture. Moreover, the irony is that all of this is being staged in the name of 'wholesome family entertainment.' The censor board needs a good counseling session.

The supporting cast spearheaded by 'Kovai' Sarala were mere caricatures. It was funny when these slapsticks were introduced in the first part a few years back, and then in the later parts it became repetitive, and now the audiences are drained and sapped of their energy. The random shouts and irritatingly modulated dialogues fell on deaf ears (literally) after some time. There was not a single laughable moment or line that stood out.

If the first half felt ridiculous, the second half was torturous. Raghava Lawrence wanted to stoke the sentiments. He depicts himself as the savior of the poor and needy, and goes about doing 'good' and fights the 'bad' with iron fists. As with keeping the trend with the previous 'Kanchana' series, this time the differentiator in the flashback is a white-haired Lawrence and a caucasian lady as his partner. He even gets to dance with her.

The movie felt third grade and repetitive with nothing to offer in terms of a solid story or narrative elements or the 'scares' that it promises. The actual scares were the loud and crass dialogues and the songs. If you have enjoyed the 'Kanchana' series in the past, then this might remotely impress you. Otherwise, take caution and save this weekend for better times!

Kanchana 3, apart from serving as a purveyor of shoddy perversions, crass and loud dialogues, was not scary at all. It felt ridiculous and torturous after a point!
Rating: 3.5 / 10
Baranidharan Sivasankaran