Chanakya Thanthram Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film | U | Action, Romance, Thriller
Shoddy screenplay and unconvincing events are the real dismal factors of this action thriller 'Chanakyathanthram'. Creation of intriguing moments partially helps to serve the purpose.
May 6, 2018 By K. R. Rejeesh

Unni Mukundan plays private detective Arjun in this action thriller, which seemingly falls in order only towards the end. The screen presence of the actor is perfect albeit plot holes are aplenty in Kannan Thamarakkulam-directed "Chanakyathanthram." Unni disguises himself various people, including a Sikh man and a woman but all these acts simply lack logic in the rashness of narrating the tale. The actor is portrayed as an enthusiastic youth in a plot that tries to capitalize on his physique.

A rank holder in criminology, Arjun is caught unawares when three people he had closely followed are killed. The owner of the detective agency, Irene (Sshivada), gives him several assignments to prove his efficiency. Once the girl he loves, Andrea, played by Sruthy Ramachandran, also comes under his scrutiny. This creates more baffling situations in his life.

In the pace of events, the engaging feel is partially conveyed as the screenplay written by Dinesh Pallath is unable to provide sufficient convincing details with intensity. Like his previous film, here, Kannan hinges on the two female characters to bring out the real conflict in the film where he showcases glimpses of his craft. Unfortunately, this substance-filled part is undone by the slipshod treatment in the first half.

Anoop Menon as Iqbal hardly impresses in his quest for unfolding the mystery behind the murders. Sruthy excels in absorbing the dual phase of the character with her graceful appearance. The romance between Andrea and Arjun offers some light moments, and here too, all of a sudden the writer unimaginatively links the vital characters to introduce the suspense.

The visuals of Pradeep Nair notably creates an impact while Shaan Rahman's background score is mediocre and finds itself difficult to gel with the theme. In fact, shoddy screenplay and unconvincing events are the dismal factors of the action thriller 'Chanakyathanthram'. Creation of intriguing moments partially helps to serve the purpose.

K. R. Rejeesh