Varsha Kannada Movie

Feature Film | 2005
Apr 17, 2005 By RGV

Producer Rockline Venkatesh and Director S.Narayan had promised that their new venture "Varsha" will be a treat to watch for the Vishnuvardhan fans.

They have kept up their promise and the well made film will certainly prove to be a worth watcher for Vishnu's fans and his large following of the female audience who want to see him in emotional roles.

Director S.Narayan who has taken the additional responsibility of writing the lyrics and dialogues of the film has recreated the magic he had done previously in the four films he has worked with the Kannada Super Star.

The Vishnu and S.Narayan combination has delivered great results in the box office. The saga started with the hit film "Veerappa Naayaka" which had a patriotic flavor as the main focus. The mantra was followed in two silver jubilee hits- "Suryavamsha" and "Simhaadhriya Simha". Another hit film of this combination is "Jameendhaarru" in which Vishnu had acted in dual role "Varsha" does not belie the expectations it had raised before its release and will prove to be a continuous saga of a fruitful combination.

Thankfully "Varsha" has all the commercial ingredients in right proportion. All the sequences in the film with ingredients like emotions, comedy, action are quite touching and entertaining.

"Varsha" is the remake of Malayalam Hit "Hitler" which had Mammootty and Shobhana in the lead. Later Telugu Super Star Chiranjeevi acted in the film's Telugu remake to revive his then flagging career. The movie has been remade in Hindi and Tamil without success mainly due to bad casting and pedestrian narration. "Varsha" is the fifth version of the same story, but still manages to work well because of good production values, technical expertise and a neat performance by all the artists. S.Narayan makes some changes from the original, but it fits well with the present day trend of narration.

"Varsha" is as much a Narayan film as it is a Vishnuvardhan film. The casting for this film is perfect. The sisters look fresh on the screen, but they have played their parts to perfection. All of them are trained tele artists, except Anu Prabhakar who is an established heroine in the Kannada film industry. S.Narayan has presented his hero quite differently in this film. The hero of the film is presented not as just a short tempered human being but as a possessive and protective brother of five sisters and other two sisters born out of the wedlock of his father and his second wife. .

The film is a healthy mix of comedy, sentiment and action sequences. While Vishnuvardhan proves his mettle in emotional and action sequences, the comedy portion has worked out well because of talented artists like Ramesh, Komal, and Tennis Krishna. .

Vishnuvardhan comes out best in portraying the emotions in the film. The action sequences in the film will certainly please his fans. Multilingual actress Maanya has proved her merit as a tomboyish girl who is in love with Vishnuvardhan.

Ramesh and Komal make a good combination and the film will be a big boost to their careers. All other artists including Sreenivaasa Murthy, Anu Prabhakar, Shwetha Chengappa, Ramesh Bhat and Doddanna have given their best.

Music Director S.A.Raj Kumar has done well in composing melodious songs and his re recoding job for the film is excellent. Cameraman P.K.H.Doss and editor Soundar Rajan have once again proved their mettle. "Vasanthi Vasanthi", "Ikku Maga" and "Kanneerige Kanneereke" will certainly top the charts.

"Varsha" is a well made family entertainer and audience can watch the film without any inhibitions. Vishnu fans will certainly like it.