Adanga Maru Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2018 | Action
Debutant Karthik Thangavel's 'Adanga Maru' attempts to narrate the same old cop revenge saga with a fresh narrative and falls just short of delivering the goods!
Dec 24, 2018 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

Jayam Ravi is sporting a cop uniform for the third time in his career in a run of the mill cop revenge drama, 'Adanga Maru', where he has to battle bureaucracy to do good, and above all, he suffers personal losses for which he seeks revenge. Yes, it's another recycled old-fashioned cop revenge drama with some technological steroids infused into the narrative to make things interesting.

The story is about an upright cop Subhash (Jayam Ravi) who has a 'knack' of handling the bureaucracy with his brains and brawns. He has a family, a girlfriend and leads a happy life. Of course, he crosses paths with wicked rich kids who destroy almost everything he has. He seeks revenge and does so 'for the betterment of the society' as every superhero claims!

The movie as a whole was quite engaging but very much on predictable lines. Also, the scenes were not routed enough. For instance, when Jayam Ravi's family gets introduced, they merely serve as season's greetings. Though we could sense the pain when the entire family gets executed, there isn't much of an impact later because of the lack of character building.

Also, from the investigative angle perspective, the movie had nothing intelligent. The villains liberally serve him with pieces of evidence and suddenly appear too weak as the climax approaches. Debutant director Karthik Thangavel has tried to make the revenge saga as enjoyable as possible with the right mix of technology and emotions. For instance, one of the wicked guys gets executed by making the public play a video game. Though the concept sounded interesting on paper, it was quite ridiculous to watch on screen.

The movie neither had great technicalities nor good music. Also, the performances were very average with Jayam Ravi doing all the heavy lifting. Rashi Khanna played the sensible heroine for a change. Azhagam Perumal as the 'good' cop who stands helpless and is immersed deep into the bureaucratic system was an interesting character but was left underutilised and so vanishes off from our minds. Sampath and Memes Gopi as the corrupt cops deliver the goods while the other villains were mere puppets.

The movie for me had a stale storyline that made some sincere attempts to offer a fresh narrative. It's a watchable fair, but couldn't be classified as a 'must-watch'!

Baranidharan Sivasankaran