Njan Marykkutty Review

Jayasurya starrer "Njan Marykutty" trots on the familiar terrain of struggles (quite often emotional struggles) that are being faced by transsexuals while in search of their identity and acceptance in society. The problems highlighted by writer-director Ranjith Sankar are nothing unique, except the career Marykutty wishes for. The reaction of the family members when they realise the transformation of a male into a female or the attitude of the public fails to whet your interest regarding the plot.

Placing himself on a motivational ground again, Ranjith this time uses a local FM radio station for eloquently airing inspiring words. He finds convenient answers to the conflicts in a jiffy before they invade the plot. The intensity of the theme appears to be peripheral albeit Ranjith succeeds in bringing out a stellar performance from Jayasurya.

"Njan Marykutty" tells about the dilemma in the life of Marykutty, played by Jayasurya, a transsexual. When Mathukutty (Jayasurya) leaves his house tracing his real self, he does not think about the pride of his family. Naturally, his father Philip (Sivaji Guruvayur), mother (Sobha Mohan) and sister Aani (Malavika Menon) are shocked by his bizarre decision. After transforming into a woman, Marykutty lives with her friend Jovi (Jewel Mary) and her daughter.

Real conflict arises when she encounters with police officer Kunjipalu (Joju George). Marykutty fights for justice with the help of RJ Alwin Henry (Aju Varghese) and a priest (Innocent). Unlike such characters in other films, here Ranjith's protagonist has a mission in life. The director also argues for their own space in our social life. In one of the scenes, Marykutty asks her lawyer (Sidhartha Siva) if he knows the difference between a transsexual and a transgender. Still, the very motivation mode vividly shows the predictability of the tale.

By donning effortlessly the garb of a transsexual, Jayasurya undermines the fissures of a tale in which problems stay off the path, ensuring a safe passage for the protagonist. He really exudes tremendous support to the film with his subtle depiction of the female character.

In fact, Jayasurya is the real elixir of "Njan Marykutty," which has been crafted with lots of dramatic emotions. And while moving ahead, the incidents stapled with the life of the transsexual lack the required intensity in narration. Music composer Anand Madhussoodanan has contributed aptly to songs and background music.

Jayasurya is the real elixir of "Njan Marykutty" and it has been crafted with lots of dramatic emotions. Adding to its predictability, the incidents stapled with the life of a transsexual lack the vital intensity. (2.4) - K. R. Rejeesh