Vinaya Vidheya Rama Telugu Movie Review

Feature Film | Action
Vinaya Vidheya Rama is just senseless stuff in the name of mass.
Jan 11, 2019 By NR

Ram Konidela (Ram Charan) is an orphan and gets raised by four Brothers who are also Orphans. They all, in turn, settle as responsible Government servants while Ram is a Super Human who keeps fighting the baddies and saves his family time and again. But a powerful nemesis from Bihar (Vivek Oberoi) strikes a big blow to Ram's family. The rest is all about how Ram pays it back.

Ram Charan appeared at ease in the Super Human Character. He is clearly comfortable after Rangasthalam in acting and expressions but then in this film, he is limited by the bad writing. Kiara Advani is beautiful but has very little to do in the film. Among the huge ensemble of cast, only Vivek Oberoi and Prashanth got important roles and they are adequate.


pati Srinu picked up a stone age story and stuffed it with high voltage action and commercial elements. He loses track midway of the film and ended up making a showreel of various action sequences. Devi Sri Prasad's songs are not up to the mark. Even the background score is also disappointing except in a couple of places. Editing is okay. Camera work is good and the Production Values are Grand.

Ram Charan after a Huge Blockbuster is back to basics to appease his mass fans but the ploy has backfired miserably. Boyapati delivered the weakest work of his career and also some meaningless fights and logic mean that Ram Charan will be embarrassed with the film. Boyapati took things for granted and made a film full of action episodes, making the film soul-less without a proper story. Finally, Vinaya Vidheya Rama is just senseless stuff in the name of mass.