Veerey Ki Wedding Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
That there is a wedding, is given. And having Jimmy Shergill in the film gives it the half star it has earned. Jimmy bhai is earnest, but he has done this role so often, this film offers nothing new. The music is decent, but you've heard it all before. The characters of the shaadi are so many, and so predictable, it would be better to stay in and sleep.
Mar 3, 2018 By Manisha Lakhe

So there are two brothers Veer (Pulkit Samrat) and Veer Ka bhai Balli (Jimmy Shergill). Both all brawn and all heart. Veer's way of 'Helping' people is to punch and kick. And bhai wants to help him become dulha. So you begin counting shaadi scenes. But first, meet, Geet, no, not the Geet from Bhatinda and Jab We Met, but Geet - pretty Kriti Kharbanda, who has all the personality of a gota covered dish rag. Then there's her dad and his dad and their quirks and allergies, there's are mummy-jis and mami-jis, and firangi mama and his sidekick and assorted other relatives so that it can look like a wedding party. Everyone is decked up and is loud. Did you expect anything less?

Pulkit Samrat hits the lowest point of his career in this awful aping of Salman Khan. Every time he shows up on screen, it looks like he's desperate. Desperate to prove he's an action star. Desperate to prove he can romance a girl. Desperate to prove he can make you laugh. You just find yourself shaking your head in sadness. You don't want to wonder how Veer figures out which ATM is being burgled and shows up at the nick of time to save the world... And that was supposed to be his 'intro'...

My heart goes out to Mr. Super Earnest: Jimmy Shergill. He has reprised this 'bhai who never gets the girl' role in so many Hindi films: Tanu Weds Manu, Happy Bhag Jaayegi and even Saheb Biwi aur Gangster, he must've simply walked into this set and delivered any dialogue and would do it well. But hats off to the lad. He's believable, even though it feels like he's played this role several times. His Punjabi films have better plots: Hero Naam Yaad Rakhi, Shareek and even the silly, funny Vaisakhi List (where he breaks jail and runs only to discover he has been pardoned). I guess Mr. Nice Guy needs to be offered better roles than just the jilted lover.

The music of this film is generic Punjabi wedding playlist. Loud enough to keep you awake, but not good enough to get you to dance in the aisles. The straw that breaks this limping shaadi ki ghodi are the terrible comic sounds that accompany everything 'humorous'. No. Satish Kaushik is not funny at all. His lactose intolerance will make you puke.

Manisha Lakhe