Thimiru Pudichavan Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2018 | UA | Drama
Vijay Antony's film was a thoroughly disappointing outing not only for the actor but also for the audience who are subject to an abysmal story and screenplay.
Nov 17, 2018 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

Vijay Antony too has managed to wear the iconic khaki and plays a cop in his latest, "Thimiru Pudichavan" directed by debutant Ganeshaa. The 'spirit' of a movie does rest on its director who defines the theme and nurtures it from inception to a story and screenplay with various characters and dialogues on paper to a film with the apt cast and crew on screen. This movie lacked that spirit. If at all there was any spirit, it was in its title, which is more vocal by itself than the film.

Murugavel (Vijay Antony), an upright cop tries to fight the menace of an evil man who employs teenagers to conduct crimes. Of course, he has his pair conveniently positioned in the police station in the form of a sexy cop, Madonna (Nivetha Pethuraj), who doesn't just degrade the spirit of her role, but also brought down the sense in the screenplay and made the proceedings as soggy as possible.

The movie kicked off with the hero being challenged by his younger brother to prove himself by taking up studies at college. The hero takes up the challenge and of course, comes out with flying colours, and it all happens within the duration of the opening credits song. That's just a glimpse of how the movie treats character establishment.

The movie time and again tries to establish an innately demure Vijay Antony as an egoistic individual who means business. However, every attempt did anything other than that and was a disaster. E.g. the scene where the villain who had to tie the shoelace for Murugavel was so naive and dumb. Sai Dheena, who played the antagonist was made to look like a dummy, and his fake moustache was a metaphorical representation.

The screenplay was a mockery, and everything seemed to happen in a jiffy. Another example would be when the hero who happens to shoot down his brother in an encounter proposes to the heroine in the very next scene. The astonished heroine replies as to how he could manage such a thing when he has just lost his brother. Finally, the crowning glory was the 'smartwatch' that Vijay Antony wears that indicates when his BP fluctuates - another disgusting screenplay gimmick.

Nothing about the film was impressive. The screenplay is the worst I have seen in almost a decade. This movie is not worth the time. It's about time Vijay Antony explore good commercially viable scripts like 'Pichaikkaran'. One could empathise with his desperation for a hit whenever his phone rings on screen with the ringtone singing "Nooru saamigal irunthaalum amma unnaipol aagiduma..."!

Baranidharan Sivasankaran