Kavacham Telugu Movie Review

Feature Film
Dec 7, 2018 By NR

Vijay (B Sai Sreenivas) is a hot-headed who falls in love with Samyuktha (Kajal) but things do not work out for him and he moves on. And on a different thread, Swathi (Mehreen) elopes from her home to unite with her Boyfriend. Some goons are after her and Vijay comes to her rescue. But there is something more than what eye meets. Who is Swathi? Where is Samyuktha? Is there a relation between them? forms the rest.

Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas is ordinary and has a lot to improve. Pity for him is that there is no proper characterization needed for a Cop character. Kajal and Mehreen have got crucial roles but they make a limited impact. Neil Nitin Mukesh is the main villain in the movie. He is convincing and good. Posani as Corrupt Cop, Satyam Rajesh and Mukesh Rishi are good.

Sreenivas Mamilla who made his directional debut with movie did a pretty ordinary job. He picked up a decent story with enough twists but then it was marred by a poor narration. Chota K Naidu's camera work is good while Thaman disappointed with his songs. The background score is decent. Editing is just about average while the action is over the top. The Production Values are excellent like any Bellamkonda film.

Kavacham is a disappointing Action Drama which is marred by Bland Narration despite having a decent Story with enough twists. Except for the interval bang, everything about the film is boring and bland. At the same time, it is not also a routine commercial entertainer. Only the popular cast and production values are good about the film.