Meenakshi Telugu Movie Review

Feature Film
May 9, 2005 By B. Anuradha

Award-winning actress Kamalinee Mukherjee, who impressed as a girl with an attitude in "Anand", picks up a film with a contrived plot and puts her incipient stardom at grave risk with "Meenakshi".

Of the offers she received after her last hit, she has chosen "Meenakshi", probably for its supposed woman-centric theme. But her hopes from the film have been punctured by Prabhakar's poor direction compounded by an awful screenplay.

Kamalinee might have been impressed by the story of a girl who puts her lover and would-be husband behind bars for injuring her guardian. But the disjointed screenplay dilutes the story, with poorly shot songs and painful comedy making it worse.

Popular young baddie Rajiv Kanakala plays a lover this time but he is confused about his role. He has to cut down on his weight to look young.

New composer Madhu fails to utilise a good opportunity by dishing out pedestrian tunes. But lyricist Sri Harsha shows his class in a few songs.

Producer Reddy's lean trot continues. He needs to find a better theme in order to score his maiden hit.

The story begins with Sivakrishna bringing up his niece when he loses his sister and brother-in-law in a fire accident. Grown-up Kamalinee falls in love with city-bred Rajiv Kanakala. When she insists on the approval of her uncle for their love, Rajiv makes it an arranged marriage.

Rajiv's mother and sister demand more dowry on the wedding day. In the ensuing scuffle, Rajiv hurts Sivakrishna. Kamalinee puts him behind bars.

B. Anuradha