Kaappaan Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film | UA | Drama, Political, Thriller | 2h 42min
Kaappaan is a disaster for actor Suriya and director KV Anand as it lacks any form of sensibility be it in the story or screenplay or technicality!
Sep 20, 2019 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

Currently, Suriya should be one of those desperate stars who is badly in need of a hit. It's a long overdue for the actor as he has been churning out damp squibs time and again for the last three years. Even after joining forces with reputed directors, he was unable to churn that elusive hit.

It all started with the mythical 'image' curse that actors unconsciously imbibe within themselves. For actors like Vijay and Ajith, it works as they have that 'aura' or call it a 'mass' connect. But Suriya is an actor of substance who desperately wants to shed that image and chase that mythical 'superstardom.' That's only half the story with director KV Anand's action thriller 'Kaappaan.'

Kathir (Suriya), an agent with the prime minister's Special Protection Group (SPG) is challenged by an ex-agent who goes rogue and attempts to murder the PM (Mohanlal). He succeeds. Now, he targets the PM's son, Abhishek (Arya) who 'inherits' the post from his dad!

Of course, the hero cannot lose twice. And, we've got Kathir doubling up as a farmer who promotes natural farming in his village. Then, there is a wicked businessman (Boman Irani) who serve as the evil corporate face of India Inc. He has a 'copper' manufacturing factory and wants to dig deep into cultivable Tanjore lands - current corporate politics check.

As predictable as it can get, the movie ends on a happy note with a few losses that were meant to strike the right chords. Unfortunately, they do not, thanks to a naive narrative and horrible tropes!

Director K.V. Anand is known to mix and match every masala in the book and hope to pull off something quirky or crazy or magical. It has worked with the audience in the past with films like Ko and Kavan. However, here, the sensibilities take a beating. Imagine a PM having a conversation with his SPG agent about his ex-lover and Arya, who plays the PM in the second half makes a mockery of that position by partying with a pathetic makeover.

It seems the movie is against Hindi imposition. It goes to the extent that even the terrorists don't utter a word of Hindi. Tamil song was sung in Kashmir. The good and bad Muslim trope was employed. A dumb heroine chasing the hero angle was ticked as usual. The villain who keenly informs the hero on his subsequent moves falls off cheaply. Action scenes were stale, and CG and special effects were tacky.

Harris Jayaraj continues to be in hibernation as none of the songs were impressive. The movie was technically awful. On top of all that there were some cheesy bits from the director like people queuing to offer their 'manure' and Suriya talks about its relevance at length. There was this bit during the climax where the villain tries to rope in the heroine into the conspiracy, and it gets shattered with a naive tactic that made the crowd go 'meh'.

The movie was a colossal disaster in every aspect, and Suriya's woes from NGK continues. I can only pity Arya, who was brilliant in last week's 'Magamuni.' Kaappaan can be watched on Amazon Prime in the next few weeks.

Baranidharan Sivasankaran