Ghajini Review

May 12, 2005 By S Srinivasan, Oct 2

"Ghajini"'s story revolves around Sanjay Ramasamy (Surya), a successful entrepreneur who falls in love with Asin. Circumstances result in Asin exposing a corrupt bigwig. The villain kills Asin and the injured Surya recovers only to be a victim of short term memory loss. His condition is such that he cannot remember anything beyond a span of 15 minutes. He seeks revenge for his love's death and given his mental condition, he goes about using a Polaroid camera to take pictures and uses hand written notes and tattoos to remember details about people. Nayanthara plays the role of a medical student who unravels the mystery behind the killings and thereby gets involved in the tussle between the hero and the villain.

The movie is obviously a take off from the Hollywood thriller "Memento". But the only common things between the English movie and "Ghajini" are the basic plot and the mental condition of the hero. The screenplay and treatment are quite original for which the director deserves special mention. Director Murugadoss after an impressive show with "Ramanaa" has come up with an engrossing thriller. But he could have done away with the unnecessary item number 'X-machi', some extended post-murder scenes and the unnecessary villain double-act. Rajasekhar's camera work has shades of Bourne Supremacy but it delivers what's needed for a movie of this sort. Harris Jayaraj's music is good but the choreography is a bit of a let down.

The main plus of this movie is Surya. The actor has established himself as a notable performer capable of carrying an entire movie on his shoulders. His well-toned physique, facial expressions and body language all suit the character to a 'T'. A rich business man, a lover boy and a short-term memory loss patient - Surya is absolutely convincing in all the roles. Asin looks chirpy and does her part well. The villain looks really ominous. Nayanthara has to seriously consider shedding a few pounds if she plans to stick around the movie industry for long.

Go for "Ghajini" for an innovative screenplay, Surya's action packed performance and some sweet romance. ""Ghajini"" may not be worth a theatrical invasion of "17 times" but it definitely deserves applaud and attention for the hard work and sincere efforts behind the scenes.

Go for 'Ghajini' for an innovative screenplay, Surya's action packed performance and some sweet romance.
Rating: 6.9 / 10
S Srinivasan, Oct 2