Allu Ramendran Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2019 | Comedy, Drama
A crisis in the life of a policeman forces him to take long leave from his department and he starts his quest for the culprit, who places iron nails under the police vehicles driven by him. 'Allu Ramendran' has a riveting theme but the immature and unimaginative writing fails to create the essential impact.
Feb 2, 2019 By K. R. Rejeesh

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DVD Release: May 15 2019

Here the odd crisis of the protagonist has the shades of sadism: it makes others laugh at him albeit he is upset by the embarrassment. The act of mischievous people gives him sleepless nights and it's serious! Debutant Bilahari showcases the annoyance of a policeman when the tyres of vehicles driven by him get deflated. Scripted by Girish Ad, Sajin Cherukayil and Vineeth Vasudevan, this one-liner is simply interesting in the paper but its growth is stunted due to lack of the vital imagination. The wait for the answer is not much worth when the proceedings appear predictable and uninteresting.

Police driver Ramachandran, essayed by Kunchacko Boban, is going through an odd crisis that begins from his wedding day itself. Later, the police vehicles driven by him get punctured at regular intervals. Soon he becomes a laughing stock of his village. This, obviously, causes embarrassment to Ramachandran.

Following the series of 'puncture' incidents, he takes one-month leave from the department. His wife Viji, played by Chandini Sreedharan, also worries when she sees her mentally disturbed husband. Now Ramachandran decides to find the real culprit, who places 'allu' (iron nails) on the road.

In another track, there is a love story between Ramachandran's sister Swathy (Aparna Balamurali) and Jithu (Krishna Shankar), a Gulf returnee. An avid football fan, he plays for a club in the village along with his friend Ayyappadas (Dharmajan Bolghatty). Ramachandran gets the monicker 'Allu Ramendran' following the incidents of getting deflated tyres regularly. Meanwhile, he suspects Amrithesh (Sreenath Bhasi), an erratic youth, as the perpetrator of placing nails on his way. But the truth is teasing him frequently.

'Allu Ramendran' has a riveting theme but the immature and unimaginative writing fails to create the essential impact. Kunchacko Boban's makeover is emphatic and it is solely a standalone factor as the screenplay is puerile and predictable even as the element of 'whodunit' persists for a while. Ramachandran finds that his problem starts to affect his family but he is helpless to find a solution. This hapless situation is narrated in a clumsy manner and the revenge by the hero exposes the shortcomings in the script.

Krishna Shankar admiringly completes his task by portraying a carefree youth. While Chandini appears as a typical housewife, Aparna's character has individuality and grit. Cinematographer Jimshi Khalid's visuals rightly blend with the premise. Better serious writing would have helped to convey the impact of the mental torture faced by Ramachandran. Moreover, Bilahari falters in conversing with the audience effectively as he derives a mediocre output from a simple plot.

K. R. Rejeesh


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Watchable movie, not boring.