Vijay Superum Pournamiyum Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film | Drama
Jan 12, 2019 By K. R. Rejeesh

Jis Joy's third directorial venture is majorly dedicated to extricate Vijay, played by Asif Ali, from his erratic lifestyle. The cocoon in which he ensconces in the company of his friends (Balu Varghese and Joseph Annamkutty George) is shattered with the arrival of a girl. Even after the tremor of realisation, the slumber in Vijay's consciousness makes him totter. Then the romantic breeze creeps in his life but it's vague and needlessly chaotic. Altogether, a terribly familiar premise is gearing up to unveil its true nature.

'Vijay Superum Pournamiyum' explicitly bears all the trite sequences and fripperies of a typical urban romantic family drama. Indeed, the fading factor in 'Vijay Superum Pournamiyum' is the touch of novelty. Vijay gets introduced to Pinky aka Pournami in a bizarre 'boy-girl meeting' in the house of Pournami. A glitch in the door traps both of them inside Pournami's room and there takes place an informal meeting between them. Pournami is not ready to get hitched for the time being as she wants to become a successful entrepreneur.

Her parents--- Renji Panicker and Shanti Krishna-- especially her mother, stand as a hurdle in the way of fulfilling her passion. Besides, she is passionate about her dream and tries for it despite a couple of failures. On the contrary, though he wants to become a chef, Vijay scarcely makes an attempt to realise his passion. His father Chandra Mohan (Siddique) guides him to new routes but Vijay only gets fleeting confidence from it.

Aishwarya Lekshmi's Pournami appears to be more determined and matured enough to face the vagaries of life. Like Vijay's father, she tries to impart the vital confidence in him, albeit the attempts go down like ninepins quite often. The indiscipline of Vijay causes a huge setback in the roadside eatery business partnership between him and Pournami. Vijay is also on the verge of getting married to a rich man's daughter. But he is helpless to find a way forward in his life owing to his lack of confidence.

Aishwarya stands tall with a responsible and matured portrayal of the dilemma of Pournami, who is a victim of a failed love affair but never short of confidence. Her fearless nature is revealed once her former lover comes back and seeks reconciliation. 'Vijay Superum Pournamiyum' is the tale of a gritty girl, who is poise even in the midst of problems, and a befuddled young man's dilemma of choosing the right decisions in life. With occasional preachy lines, the filmmaker's screenplay exposes its aimless nature and apparently, it drags in the latter half.

Again, Asif Ali is seen in a well-accustomed realm as a carefree youth with little dynamics in the whole action. Balu Varghese has a dismal placing in the tale sans any purpose, and he has been given the task of airing drab remarks that are translated to the plot in the guise of fun.

The feel-good element is scrappy in the movie while the scenes meant for inspiration are obviously devoid of any vigour. Cinematographer Renadive brings in some grace to the technical department in which music evokes the feel of mediocrity.

Rating: 60%
K. R. Rejeesh


Sree Hari Rating: 7.5 / 10

Excellent presentation and cast has performed well