Peta Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2019
Yet another disappointment by Rajinikanth but fans will cherish the first half.
Jan 10, 2019 By NR

Kaali (Rajinikanth) lands in a hostel as warden in a hill-station in North India. He plays cupid to a young couple, solves various problems plaguing there and is also after a single mother Mangala (Simran). But then, it is revealed that behind the playful mask of Kaali, there is a story hidden and a face, Peta which dates back to Uttar Pradesh. What is the story? Why did he come from Uttar Pradesh? Why Peta became Kaali? is the rest of the story.

It is Rajinikanth's show all over as he is in his elements. He seems to have had much fun while doing this film especially the first half which reminds Rajinikanth of his Prime. Trisha and Simran, the female leads have no substance. Nawazuddin Siddique and Vijay Sethupathi are known as great performers but are wasted in weak roles.

Peta is nothing but remix of Rajinikanth's iconic commercial hit 'Baasha' (1995) but is worst possibly made. The Good Thing about the Director is presenting Rajinikanth in most stylistic way and re-introducing Rajinisms which are missing in the recent times. Also he brings back the entertaining Rajinikanth. He makes Rajinikanth do some comedy, walk in stylish way, do some other old tricks, even makes him light a cigarette. All this ends up in the first half and the story begins only in the Second which has disappointed due to a weak flashback. The climax is bit good. Anirudh's songs are okay but hinder the flow of the story. The background score is very good. Thiru's camera work is good as well. Some of the dialogues are interesting. Editing could have been better. Lengthy Runtime is a big problem. Production Values are Good.

Finally, Peta is a Mixed bag. The First half is highly entertaining, presents vintage Rajini moments. But it wobbles in the second half. Karthik Subbaraj shows off his trademark stylish narration in many places but he loses the grip post interval. Yet another disappointment by Rajinikanth but fans will cherish the first half.