Laughing Apartment Near Girinagar Review

Veteran director Nizar dabbles in a host of issues that are scattered sans creating any real laugh. The focus of the filmmaker, who has co-written the screenplay with P. Parappuram, is wayward albeit the ensemble cast includes some of the best performers of humour. "Laughing Apartment Near Girinagar" turns out to be a mere noise-making exercise to evoke laugh with the aid of a parched tale. It is largely devoid of a real content to offer anything appreciable regarding the whole creation.

"Laughing Apartment Near Girinagar" follows the lives of the residents of an apartment in a city. The conflict starts when their water supply gets blocked on a hartal day. Besides this problem, the residents try to solve their personal issues. Nizar discusses issues including infidelity, dysentery, divorce and death in the plot, amalgamated with double meanings. Apartment secretary Thankaraj, played by Salim Kumar, shies away from the residents amidst the trouble for getting water.

The couple, Aravind (Ramesh Pisharody) and Manju (Aswathi Menon), are on the verge of divorce and the lawyer (Geetha Vijayan) tries to help them in the process. Another resident Rahul (Kalabhavan Shajon) has an extramarital affair and apparently, he tries to hide it from his wife Meera, essayed by Malavika Rajan. Sunil Sugada appears as a Brahmin, who is looking after his dying father. Dharmajan plays Kunjan, who has a vital part in the story. The security guard of the apartment, Appavi (Kottayam Nazir), tries to make money by doing errands for the residents.

So among the crowd of residents, you would expect something to happen since they represent somewhat a cross section of the society. After encountering all these mundane sequences in the film, the twist comes in the form of a bold girl named Aruna, played by Saranya Anand. This unexpected guest has a task at hand to generate something interesting for the viewers.

Disappointingly, none of the actors is in the line of praise owing to a poor and lame script. Moreover, the distasteful humour from the comedians obviously misses the target providing dismay to the audience.

"Laughing Apartment Near Girinagar" is a charmless and unpleasant film altogether. The script throws in adult-orientated jokes and the content is stuffed with unfunny jokes and it leaves a truly nasty taste. It canters along to the point where you would desperately long for a much better creation from a seasoned filmmaker.

'Laughing Apartment Near Girinagar' is a charmless and unpleasant film that tells the life of apartment dwellers in a city. The content is stuffed with unfunny jokes and it leaves a truly nasty taste. Rating: 1 - K. R. Rejeesh