Bhairava Geetha Telugu Movie Review

Dec 12, 2018 By NR

Set in the village of Rayalaseema, Bhairava (Dhananjaya) who is a yes man of a feudal lord (Raja Balwadi) falls in love the lord's only daughter (Irra Mor) who comes back to the village after studying abroad. Her father arranges her marriage with another warmongering feudal. Hell breaks loose when Geetha professes her love for Bhairava. Rest of the story is all about the bloodshed that follows and how the love wins.

Dhananjaya as Bhairava tries his best to energize dull scenes. Irra Mor is good for a first timer but has a lot to improve. She is at her sensuous best in a couple of songs oozing glamour. The chemistry between both of them is good. The villains are routine and the rest of the characters are okay.

While the makers call Bhairava Geetha a real story, it is more like a rehash of Jayam (2001) starring Nithin and Sada in the direction of Teja. It is the love story of Rich Girl and Poor Boy with the concept of slavery and too much of bloodshed. Ram Gopal Varma and Ram Vamsi Krishna took care of the story and screenplay which failed largely except for a couple of thrills here and there. The cinematography of Jagadeesh Cheekati is excellent. Some of the locales of the rural side are excellent. The songs are misplaced and come as speed breakers. The background score is excellent. The dialogues are realistic. Production Values are okay. The editing has been disappointing.

Bhairava Geetha has a very old school love story set in the Rayalaseema backdrop. The narration and execution are decent in some scenes. The first half has thrills which are very brutal and have too much of bloodshed. But the director struggled to sustain the wafer-thin point in the second half. The audience starts getting bored immediately and things go the drain with horrible bloodshed and ineffective sentiment. Towards the end, the director hurriedly finished the story. All in all, Bhairava Geetha is a routine story filled with mindless violence.

Bhairava Geetha is a routine story filled with mindless violence.
Rating: 5 / 10