Thattumpurath Achuthan Malayalam Movie Review

Dec 24, 2018 By K. R. Rejeesh

Achuthan is a synonym of Lord Krishna, and this film places Him as the third eye that witnesses everything. This divine attribution (read as fantasy) is a risky element while dealing with a realistic premise in 'Thattumpurath Achuthan.' Lal Jose has taken a simple tale giving it a soft touch of fantasy for his latest directorial venture but the plot never offers you a confident watching. The undertone of the premise gives you take-it-or-leave-it feeling and it struggles to convince you that the accidental events are accepted as divine intervention by the characters.

The opening dream sequence in the film is a harbinger of such scenes that decide the fate of the protagonist. In his dreams, Kunjoottan (Adish Praveen) quite often sees the major events in the life of Achuthan, played by Kunchako Boban. A gentleman with helping mentality, Achuthan has high regard in the village. A theft attempt in the house of 'Thuppal' Rajan (Vijayaraghavan), who is a shop owner and infamous for his miserliness, frames Achuthan as the culprit. With this incident, his wedding gets nullified.

Misunderstood by the villagers, Achuthan struggles to share his innocence in the incident. But his friend Shoukat (Hareesh Kanaran) lends his support. The president of the Lord Krishna temple, where Achuthan is usually given the task of counting the money from the offertory box, trusts him and forces him to continue his duty there. Once while counting the money, he gets a letter written by a devotee from the box and it is an appeal to God to save her daughter from a predicament.

Later, an incident related to a political party forces Achuthan to evade the police and in his attempt to escape, he finds shelter in the garret of a house. While spending the night in that house, he realises that the girl in the house, Jayalakshmi (Sravana) is facing a problem with her ex-lover, who tries to blackmail her using the photographs he had captured during their good times. Witnessing the dilemma of the girl, Achuthan tries to find a solution for it.

The theme of 'Thattumpurath Achuthan' is profusely devoted to Lord Krishna and whatever Achuthan does is naturally attributed to God. Scenarist Sindhuraj offers a tale with a mix of fantasy and realistic events shouldered by characters having the traits of a caricature.

Kunchako Boban as a simple youth and saviour of Jayalakshmi gives a satisfying output though the tale hardly stands tall due to lack of sensible incidents and conviction. The desperation of the characters to find a remedy for the issue is easily handled by Achuthan sans their knowing. Achuthan single-handedly finds a solution for everything and the Krishna devotees in the family deem it divine intervention. The film does not offer any room for the direct meeting of the lead pairs and so there are no dialogues between them.

Apart from creating typical rustic characters like Kumaranasan, played by Kochu Preman; and politician Jose (Irshad), the screenplay is eventually devoid of fresh elements. Albeit songs are hindering the proceedings, Beeyar Prasad and Anil Panachooran have contributed beautiful lines, and equally laudable is the music by Deepankuran.

True to the title, Kunchako Boban's Achuthan plays the saviour of a girl after witnessing her harrowing problem from the attic of her house. All the events are a paean of praise for Lord Krishna. 'Thattumpurath Achuthan' offers such a strange premise, leaving you in the midst of reality and disbelief.
Rating: 5 / 10
K. R. Rejeesh