SakalaKalashala Malayalam Movie Review

Jan 27, 2019 By K. R. Rejeesh

Going by the writing method, this campus premise is a blessing in disguise for the scenarists to deviate our attention before launching the conflict zone. Everything plods on a familiar terrain where teasing, jig and perfunctory campus fun hog the prelude. Scripted by Jayaraj Century and Murali Guinness, 'Sakalakalashala' seldom offers a genuine art instead it dwindles due to unfunny social media jokes and drab incidents.

The second outing of Vinod Guruvayoor as director unfolds a story that hobbles toward the familiar instead of embracing strangeness. Akku aka Akbar (Niranj Manianpillai Raju) is a talented engineering student and his skills in inventing new devices bring laurels to the college. His friends, Kannan (Jacob Gregory) and Jimmy (Dharmajan Bolghatty), support him in his activities. During an exhibition, one of Akbar's inventions grabs the attention of all. But a gang of tech-savvy robbers misuses this novel technology with the help of Akbar, who unwillingly does the act under threat.

Now Akbar becomes an accused in the online fraud transactions albeit he is innocent. His college mate Mumtaz, played by Manasa Radhakrishnan, already has a crush on Akbar. She tries to help Akbar to prove his innocence. All the performers, including Niranj fail miserably to make a mark in 'Sakalakalashala'. The protagonist slogs to get the empathy of viewers in vain as the situations are too trivial to kindle any emotion. The robbery expertise highly lacks the conviction to blend with the dilemma being faced by Akbar.

'Sakalakalashala' is a woefully made campus thriller altogether. There is neither an iota of the creative experiment nor engaging moments in the movie that is deflated by tedious events. It's hard to stay engaged with such an unimaginative plot from a viewer's point of view. A thoroughly unpleasant experience from start to finish, the efforts of the filmmaker is not going to the artful way.

The experience is more annoying than profound in the company of a not so elegant screenplay. The real problem is that the narrative is allowed to meander sans proper convincing justification. It's surely a misfire with its foundation on a weak surface.

A woefully made campus thriller, 'Sakalakalashala' tells about a talented engineering student, whose invention is misused by a gang. There is neither an iota of creative experiment nor engaging moments in the movie that is deflated by tedious events.
Rating: 3.8 / 10
K. R. Rejeesh