Daas Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2005
Jun 21, 2005 By P.V.Sathish Kumar, Aug 2 2005

"Daas" is a movie made with the best of intentions to bring communal harmony, while demonstrating the power of true love. But the theme is nothing new. Many movies have been made before, based on the same subject. But what makes "Daas" stand out is its fluid movement between frenetic action and soft romance. On the negative side, the movie lacks in punch dialogues, narrative rhythm, and fineness that is required to hold the attention of its audience.

The story revolves around Antony Daas ("Jayam" Ravi), a lower-cast boy studying in Rajeshwari Engineering College, owned by a local rich caste leader called Annachi (Shamugarajan) in Thirunalvelli. Daas is smitten by the charms of Rajeshwari (Renuka Menon), his college mate, and the daughter of Annachi. She also has a sly admiration for Daas.

In most part of the first-half, Daas and Rajeshwari convey their mutual admiration through glances without expressing their love interests. The director should be credited here for capturing this unspoken love dynamics well.

The caste feelings of Annachi is explained earlier on when Daas earns the wrath of Annachi when, he along with his friends pull away the temple cart to the locality of the lower-cast. In another incident, during a football match, when Annachi perceives his daughter's soft corner for Daas, to mark his angst, dismisses Daas from his college.

Meanwhile Rajeshwari's cousin sister (Monica) elopes with Guna (Abiney) belonging to a lower-cast, and a friend of Daas. Knowing that they cannot face the wrath of Annachi, they decide to end their lives. Daas intervenes and helps them get married.

When Annachi comes to know of this, he orders his henchmen to exterminate the eloped couple. They are burnt alive in the public. Enraged by this unscrupulous act, Daas and Rajeshwari join hands and vows to get married to each other so as to teach Annachi a lesson.

Will Daas and Rajeshwari attain their goal? Here on the story takes a totally an unexpected but retarded twists and turns, that are in most part blotched and sluggish.

With his two previous movies – "Jayam" and "M. Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi" - are box office hits, "Jayam" Ravi's dream to make a hat-trick with this movie seems to come true. The movie is definitely going to attract masses. The kinetic action sequences choreographed by Rocky Rajesh make you take notice of Ravi as an action hero than a romantic lead.

Renuka is abundantly charming. Her gleaming smile and bright eyes are her plus points. However, her role is limited to romancing.

After Jayam Ravi, Shanmuga Rajan has hogged the limelight. His makeup, accent, and dialogue delivery is realistic and convincing. Film buffs down south would be able to relate him to some of the real life people over there.

Vadivelu's comedy is dry and outdated. Ensemble of other characters- Salim Ghouse, Krishna (played a memorable role in Arindhum and Ariyamalum), Seetha, Vijayan have justified their roles.

Yuvan Shankar Raja has scored some mellifluous music. Director Babu Yogeswaran has proved that he can broach: action, comedy, romance and sentiments in the right mix so as to give a two-and-a-half -hour of time pass.

P.V.Sathish Kumar, Aug 2 2005