Ente Ummante Peru Malayalam Movie Review

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Hameed is facing emotional starvation in the absence of dear ones after the death of his father. He realises the need for finding his real mother to take life forward meaningfully. Albeit bearing a highly emotional theme, 'Ente Ummante Peru' is a refreshingly handled film that avoids melodrama and hammy situations for the good. The quest of this son is really heart-warming and delightfully emotional as well.
Dec 23, 2018 By K. R. Rejeesh

Normally, a heavy dose of the emotional quotient is mandatory in a grave plot like this. But, here, the prospect of becoming so hammy and melodramatic is brilliantly shunned by newbie director Jose Sebastian with his riveting and refreshing presentation. 'Ente Ummante Peru' is an emotional quest by a son for his invisible mother, and the process is attractively natural and appreciably humourous. Hameed, played by Tovino Thomas, bears a sort of cute innocence and relentless determination in his search for his real mother. Amidst the hurdles, he moves ahead with his optimistic feeling about his trace.

Hameed is so naive that he cannot put up with being addressed as a 'yateem' (orphan) by his fellowmen in the village after the death of his father Hyder. That time he realises the excruciating pain the word inflicts on him. Moreover, Hameed's proposal for his marriage with Sainaba (Saipriya) draws a blank as her father cites the reason that Hameed is an orphan now following the death of Hyder. With no relatives for sharing his emotions, Hameed is always accompanied by his close friend Beeran (Hareesh Kanaran). Hamsakoya, played by Mamukoya, is also a well-wisher of Hammed.

Though he has been bequeathed with a large estate and fortune, Hameed finds that it is vital to find his real mother from the two women married by his late father. He also wanted to give them their shares of the property as per the will of Hyder. But he does not know the whereabouts of these women as they had been divorced by his father after a short period of marital life.

In the initial stages of his search, Hameed meets Ramleth (Shanti Krishna), the first wife of his rich father. Later he bumps into Aishumma, essayed by Urvashi, the second wife of Hyder. As his efforts prove in vain, Hammed extends his search to Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh along with Aishumma. Co-written by Sarath. R. Nath and Jose Sebastian, 'Ente Ummante Peru' is a smooth journey in which the cast puts on a good show and cinematographer Jordi Planell Closa showcases the magic of captivating frames.

The sensitive nature of Hameed prompts him to look for his mother. Tovino gives a powerful perfection in the nuances of the character and his body language of a gullible youth is simply remarkable. The quest of this son is really heart-warming and delightfully emotional as well. Urvashi's supreme portrayal of Aishumma is the main catalyst that keeps the middle portions engaging. It's an emphatically-driven matured performance from the veteran actress.

Hareesh Kanaran sustains the tempo in humour scenes while Saipriya keeps compassion for Hammed. Despite her father's objection, Sainaba expresses her willingness to marry Hameed. But the protagonist gives priority to his search. This is evident when he is informed of her father's death, Hameed looks grim even though it clears all the hurdles. His affinity towards his mother becomes more vivid here.

Director Jose Sebastian's innovative execution and Jordi's cinematography are the major highlights of 'Ente Ummante Peru'. The filmmaker proves that mitigation of the blaring visual interpretation leads to a good cinematic experience.

K. R. Rejeesh