Mr. & Ms. Rowdy Review

It's for the first time you witness Jeethu Joseph gambling with a theme in a coarse manner. Apparently, his latest directorial venture is wrapped in a 'carefully careless' approach. The smartness of a group of youngsters is hardly in the right proportion to give an engaging effect through 'Mr and Ms Rowdy'. Every blow from the gang of five youngsters is off-target albeit they try in vain to jazz up their credentials as rowdies. The first scene itself catapults them as erratic youths but the flashback of their life lacks genuine vindication of their transformation as hooligans of that village.

The portrayal of the gang waiting on the roadside for getting the job of bashing up somebody is farfetched in a half-matured screenplay written by Linta Jeethu. Appu, played by Kalidas Jayaram, is the leader of the gang whereas the four other members always accompany him for executing their tough contracts. Shebin Benson appears as a soft-spoken youth in the gang while Asif (Ganapathi) is always disturbed by thought about marrying off his sister. Vishnu Govindan as Antappan tries to fulfil the task of comic relief but the humour is facing several fits and starts throughout.

After the introduction of the demeanours of these youngsters, Jeethu takes us to the emotional tale of Poornima, played by an aptly chosen Aparna Balamurali. Appu is forced to accommodate Poornima in his rented house and in his attempt to expel her from then house, they fight each other. The quarrel is eloquent between them but the situations are poorly conceived by the writer. The gang sometimes helps a businessman, Jeevan George (Viay Babu), to solve his issues and so they are very much attached to him. But their acquaintance with him brings bitter experiences in their life.

Appu and his friends are disliked by the villagers and Appu is keeping grudge towards the rich man in the village, Varghese Mappila (Saikumar). Poornima's eviction from home is the major agenda of the gang despite her stiff resistance. The scenes are quite familiar with the monotonous tit-for-tats between the hero and heroine.

Jeethu lends a casual touch to 'Mr and Ms Rowdy' and the 'quotation' acts by the youngsters are largely puerile. In most parts, the fun degenerates into absurdity. This is an ordinary and cliched script that gets a slipshod treatment.

Satheesh Kurup has created a few delightful visuals that ignore a specific pattern. The overall tone of the movie is that it's a sort of unleashing of the characters to explode with performance. Unfortunately, the outcome is cold and unimaginative.

Director Jeethu Joseph lends a casual touch to 'Mr and Ms Rowdy' that recounts the tale of a five-member gang and a bold girl. The 'quotation' acts by the youngsters are largely puerile, and the fun degenerates into absurdity quite often. This is an ordinary and cliched script that gets a slipshod treatment. Rating: 2 - K. R. Rejeesh

Rajoy Alfes Rating: 2