2.0 Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2018 | Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
What happens when souls of dead birds and an angry ornithologist snatch all your cell phones and decide to kill you for overuse and radiation from cell towers? Hokey science, meet Rajinikanth. This odd film ODs on special effects but is neither an Akshay Kumar film, nor is it a Rajini film.
Nov 29, 2018 By Manisha Lakhe

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It's a Rajinikanth film! No, it's an Akshay Kumar film! No! It's an angry bird meets robot film and it's super long, and it gets annoying after a while.

The film is in 3D and apparently the ninth most expensive in terms of special effects film in the world. They wow you, but only in the last twenty five minutes of the 150 plus minutes it takes to tell you that technology is killing the environment and the Earth.

Dr. Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) has created one more robot. This time it is called Nila (Amy Jackson) and it has an enhanced bosom, and has been programmed to be a secretary, a laptop, a friend and even assistant (Don't ask me, they explained this in the film!). She has a heart, by the way, which she gives to Chitti (from the film Robot) and Chitti smirks about it. Chitti has been resurrected because people's cell phones have been snatched by an invisible force that becomes a special effects overdose (cell phone tsunami, cell phone walls, cell phone highway, and cell phones that go inside a bad guy's mouth and make the body explode. Why are the cell phones pissed off?

They are now being occupied by the angry souls of dead birds and an ornithologist aptly called Pakshirajan (roughly translated, 'Pakshi' means 'birds' and 'Rajan' means 'king'). And this gigantic cell phone man is out to get anyone who did not hear the ornithologist's pleas of removing cell phone towers because radiation from these towers was killing birds. You can't laugh at such science because the angry cell phone creature is now avenging these deaths. And only the positive energy from the machine Dr. Rajinikanth has created will neutralise the negative energy from the cell phone monster.

You wanted more from an Akshay Kumar movie. Him as an old man with prosthetics that make him look like Kamal Haasan from Indian is not good, He's the macho star. You certainly want more from super star Rajini. He has given you so many memorable dialog over the years, that this, 'Dot!' he repeats several times in the movie is a cop-out. And you know the special effects are expensive, but why does everything have to happen so slowly? We are used to the pace in superhero movies, the fight sequences here seem to be done by an amateur.

Thankfully, the last hour of the film actually sees the resurrection of Chitti as 2.0 and a delightful gimmicky and unoriginal Mini Me. The final showdown happens at the world cup football happening in Chennai (yes, I choked on my coffee too!) in the most excruciating battle between cell phone man and Chitti who has magnetised himself and has everything including a Honda logo (obvious marketing ploy here) attached to him. Finally Mini me saves the day by riding in on the scene on the back of a pigeon... Don't ask. You are just glad when it is over. Fans will gush about the movie, but Rajini fans are illogical and easy to please. But does Rajini embracing Rajini all that they want to see in the film? You will watch the film but you won't come back elated about this Rajini film.

Manisha Lakhe