24 Kisses Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2018
24 Kisses has nothing in it except for the performance of the lead pair.
Nov 23, 2018 By NR

Anand (Adith Arun) is a filmmaker who makes children films. Anand does not believe in the institution of marriage and has a lot of affairs. He does the same with Sri Lakshmi (Hebah Patel) as well who is a mass communications student. But to his bad luck, Sri Lakshmi falls in love with him and upon learning his ideology, she breaks up with Anand. Rest of the story is what happens to their love story and what is the reason for Anand's aversion to love.

Adith Arun and Hebah Patel have performed very well in author-backed roles. Adith performed well towards the end of the film while Hebah Patel is good in what is expected of her in romantic scenes. The chemistry between them worked well. Naresh is pretty impressive as heroine's father. Rao Ramesh is okay as a Psychotherapist. Aditi Mayakal is good as a modern lady.

Director Ayodhya Kumar who made award-winning Mingurulu shocks by attempting such a film. Moreover, he got it completely wrong in every aspect and kills the film with his own hands as he got confused himself and confused the audience with sleaze and a message about children. Most of the scenes are boring and the proceedings are so slow that we do not even understand what the director wanted to showcase through his narration. Music is below par but the background score was neat. Dialogues are good in places. Editing is a major mishap as about 30 minutes of the film escaped the scissors of the editor. The cinematography is good and the production values are decent.

Except for some good work of the lead pair, 24 Kisses has nothing good about the film. The director confuses himself between Vulgarity with back to back Kissing scenes and a message crops up out of nowhere in the second half giving a documentary feeling to the audience. The proceedings are dead slow and there are several dead slow moments that make you feel sleepy. Finally, 24 Kisses has nothing in it except for the performance of the lead pair.