Odiyan Telugu Movie Review

Dec 14, 2018 By NR

Odiyan Manikyam (Mohanlal) returns to his village after a self-imposed exile of 15 years, following the deaths of two people in which he was cornered by his opponent. But the villagers still believe, he is the one who committed the heinous crime and abuses him for the return. Rest of the story is all about how his return impacts those in the village and the lives of others that he has shrouded in darkness.

Mohanlal does a lot of hard work for the film which is evident by his physical transformation. The actor said to have lost 15 kgs for the film. He has delivered finest performance in a character which has several variations. Manju Warrier delivers a subtle performance and good expressions. Prakash Raj is wasted in a stereotypical role in which he is painted all black just because he plays an evil role.,


ctor V Shrikumar Menon and writer Harikrishnan have got a tremendous actor like Mohanlal and ample space to make the film on a large scale but they misused it with a terribly old and contrived plot. Further they made a mess of it in the name of a non-linear screenplay. Composer M Jayachandran's songs are okay while Sam CS Background score is excellent. Shaji Kumar's work with the camera is good and so is the action by Peter Hein. The much-hyped VFX is disappointing.

Odiyan Manikyam is the last surviving member of the Odiyan clan. It is the only novel point in the film. The non-linear screenplay makes the movie painfully slow close to three hours. The director packed the film with many unwanted scenes which bore the audience. There are some mass scenes and action blocks which click but they are barely enough to keep the audience engaged.

Rating: 5 / 10