June R Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film
Jul 5, 2005 By P.V.Sathish Kumar

June R is a worst movie that I have seen of late. It is a good example of how not to make a move. It is easy to pinpoint where the problem lies. It is in all spheres: screenplay, storyline, flow, and script.

Debutant director, Revathy Verma, who has seen success in ad filmmaking, does not have any clue of making a good feature film. It is not very clear what she wanted to convey, and she leaves it to the audience to guess that the movie is about the feelings of a girl longing for a motherly affection. While trying to convey this, she has left many ends dangling, which only causes you to irk throughout the movie. Thankfully, it is only 110 minutes.

Here goes the story...

June R (Jyothika), an orphan, gets her name as she is born in the month of June. Because she desperately needs an initial before her name, she includes R, because she likes roses. She works in an advertising agency as a creative director.

One day, she saves Rajalakshmi (Saritha), a middle-aged woman, from a road mishap and admits her to a hospital. While recovering in the hospital, June R helps Rajalakshmi as her own mother, and develops a special bond with her.

Rajalakshmi's son Arun (Biju Menon) contrives to dump his mother in an orphanage and go abroad with his wife after selling his ancestral property. After learning about this, June R brings Rajalakshmi to her house and showers all the love of a child to its mom.

To win favor, Arun comes to take his mother back home. June R objects to this and fights for her rights over Rajalakshmi. Meanwhile, Amudha (Kushboo), a leading advocate and a friend of June R, takes the issue to the court for a legally remedy to ensure Rajalakshmi stays with June.

June wins the rights over Rajalakshmi. However, to her aghast, she finds Rajalakshmi murdered. Raja (Suriya), a client to the advertising agency and who loves June R offers consolation and takes her with him.

The director has tried to bring some novelty in an item number by depicting the dancers wailing for June R. But actually, they are lamenting for the audiences, who have to sit through watching this movie in frustration.

In spite of all the hue and cry, there is nothing that will make you sympathies for the central character – June R.

Jyothika's performance is fine tuned and emotionally engaged. But that alone was not enough for the sagging movie to measure up to the expectations. Saritha and Suriya play throw away roles. Why Suriya accepted to play his inept character is a mute question. Madhu Ambat's camera captures the mood unobtrusively. Composer Sharath's music is solacing.

This will really leave you angry and frustrated.

P.V.Sathish Kumar