Uriyadi 2 Review

Apr 7, 2019 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

'Uriyadi' that released in 2016 was a sleeper hit. It was appreciated for its raw narrative that did not lean on any distinct cinematic language. Dwelling on the success of the previous movie, director Vijay Kumar has come out with the movie titled 'Uriyadi 2'.

While the director's previous movie depicted the intertwining of students and politics, this movie has taken the stand to uphold the right to clean air with industrial pollution as the backdrop and vote bank and cast politics (a parallel to the Sterilite issue which was the highlight till sometime back). The movie depicts wicked politicians and how bureaucracy rules the roost in all the welfare schemes.

Three young engineering graduates manage to find a job in their hometown in a chemical manufacturing unit. The company's management is negligent about any safety norms and is mercilessly focused on increasing profit. The issue snowballs into a disaster, and that's when the youth are shown to take the plunge into politics.

The movie had a very amateurish making and narrative. Though in the director's debut movie I felt the same, the story had some interesting bits, and there were no preachy dialogues, and the director wasn't tasked to feed us with a 'message' per se. Above all, we could see real characters roaming over the script, whom we can establish a clear connection. However, in 'Uriyadi 2' we are not able to recollect even a single character. It was very generic, and the scenes were shoddily staged.

The performances were terrible. The constraint in the budget could be seen on screen. The heroine (Vismaya), who dons the role of a doctor was an amateurish selection. On top of heavy makeup, her expressions went nowhere. Also, her Malayali accent hasn't helped the dialog delivery too.

Another problem with the story was the predictability. On top of that, the screenplay was haphazard, and the cuts were random as if there was not enough montage to connect various scenes. E.g., the hero and his friend are chased by killers. Suddenly, the hero runs into the industry where he realizes that people are working to control the gas leak. Then, he forgets about his friend and continues to fix the leak - this is a clear example of how careless the director was in terms of spinning a screenplay.

The movie has failed to impress on all counts, and there was hardly anything in the film that felt engaging. A few dialogues in the beginning and during some random scenes garnered a few whistles and applause, but otherwise, this is a forgettable 'message movie' that tried hard to mimic the success of its predecessor in spirit but has failed on all counts!

Uriyadi2 tries hard to dish out a socio-political 'message' movie but fails due to a lack of a proper story, narrative and terrible technicalities.
Rating: 5 / 10
Baranidharan Sivasankaran