One Day Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2019
Justice Tyagi retires from Ranchi High Court and proceeds to take the law into his own hands to punish the men who went free because their crimes weren't proven. This is no whodunit, not even why-he-dun-it. It's a straightforward story laughably told. The usually reliable character actors are made to ham so much they seem to be competing for the Razzies.
Jul 4, 2019 By Manisha Lakhe

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Anupam Kher (Tyagi) retires as a High Court judge who gets slapped or cursed by victims of the justice system. His daughter is about to get married and we see the whole family go shopping for her wedding saree. None of the actors are known and are treated like they don't matter. Judge saab though walks out of the saree shop and walks next door to what looks like a hardware garage and casually orders five rolls of barbed wire.

He is shown taking a morning walk and chatting with Inspector Satya Prakash Sharma (Kumud Mishra). Then at the daughter's wedding a doctor couple vanish. Inspector Sharma comes to Tyagi's home to ask if he knows anything. Tyagi denies it, but helps with the name of videographer at the wedding. While Sharma and the son (a product of the hysterical school of acting, hereafter referred to as HSA) watch the wedding videos for clues, Tyagi casually walks into what looks like a garage next to his house where the doctor couple are tied by barbed wire. Confess on camera that you admitted Abdul (HSA graduate) into the ICU to get more money. Confess that you killed him!

Abdul's mother (played by Zarina Wahab) looks too poor to afford anything, let alone hospital money. And before you groan at seeing another Muslim person on screen praying in hospital corridors, crying, 'Allah, Rehem Kar!' (God, save us!), you want to say, 'Hey! You don't puncture the saline bottle directly to inject something into a person!'

We get to know that Abdul was blaming someone call Afzal for the bomb that injured him. Afazal was goon to a politician (Zakir Hussain) who sports a moustache first and then doesn't... Afzal is also connected by crime to a hotelier (Rakesh Sharma) who has ordered an mms made of a honeymooning couple and the CD was distributed everywhere (wait, what?!). The shame kills the young woman Shagufta and ruins her newly married husband Shamim's life.

Of course Justice Tyagi who does nothing to hide himself from his kidnapped men and women gets confessions. But there's a Haryanvi cop (Esha Gupta, who channeled her inner Salman Khan rather decently) Laxmi Rathi who reads files upon files and discovers the culprits behind kidnappings. It is Tyagi and Sharma! Wow! But we already knew that and we lived through two item songs too that were crammed in. But Esha realises that these criminals will eventually still be let off, so she kills them all. That's what you feel like doing to the filmmakers when you come back home.

Manisha Lakhe