Akashaganga 2 Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2019 | UA | Drama, Horror, Thriller | 2h 22min
A girl from an ancestral family is unexpectedly affected by the ghost of a woman, who had lived in her house. 'Aakasha Ganga 2' showcases the run-of-the-mill traits of horror flicks and it is neither strong in the content part nor in the horror part.
Nov 3, 2019 By K. R. Rejeesh

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DVD Release: Dec 31 2019

It's hard to deny the fact that the prequel of 'Aakasha Ganga 2' has got the synonym for horror flicks in Malayalam Cinema. When the sequel arrives after 20 years, director Vinayan accomplishes in sustaining the nostalgic feel among the audience, and it's partially due to the absence of a host of actors, who were part of 'Aakasha Ganga.' The director begins the tale from where he concluded in the first part, and here, he presents the deceased Maya's (Divya Unni) daughter Arathy Varma (Veena Nair) as the protagonist.

Arathy, who belongs to Manikkassery Mana, is a medical student now and also an atheist. She lives with her father Unnikrishna Varma (Riaz) in that big house with a relative, played by Praveena, and servants Sundari (Thesni Khan) and Bharathan (Dharmajan Bolgatty). Once she along with her friends Gopi Krishnan (Vishnu Vinay), Jithu (Vishnu Govind) and Titus (Sreenath Bhasi) visits the ashram of a sorcerer, Dr Soumini Devi (Ramya Krishnan) in a bid to talk to the spirits. Out of curiosity, Arathy opens the small temple near her house but the outcome is dangerous for her.

Technically, 'Aakasha Ganga 2' stands tall compared to its prequel, which had relatively a watchable content than not much bragged technical finesse. Vinayan sticks to the traditional exorcism solution in the modern era with the biggest question being how to save Arathy, who is caught in the clutches of the ghost of Ganga (Mayuri). Truly, 'Aakasha Ganga 2' finds its saviour in newcomer Veena Nair, who has impressively performed sans any hiccups in decisive scenes. Quite often, Ramya Krishnan doesn't get the lip sync right and for her it's a cliched role in which you have come across her umpteen times.

Presenting Rajamani as a police inspector with Thiruvananthapuram rural slang works well in the initial stages but it becomes ad nauseam in his following scenes. The areas where hilarious milieu is expected go haywire with inane comedy and nonsensical events mar the texture of 'Aakasha Ganga 2'. The scene in which the Minister arrives for a function in the college and the anatomy room scene are totally ridiculous. Prakash Kutty's cinematography and Bijibal's background score aptly shore up the film that craves for a creative upscaling in the plot. Vishnu Vinay and Sreenath Bhasi are not offered any considerable responsibility in the progress of the movie.

'Aakasha Ganga 2' showcases the run-of-the-mill traits of horror flicks and it is neither strong in the content part nor in the horror part. Albeit comes with a 'horror' label, the film has more of a comic feel in its content than substantial spooky elements to create hair-raising moments. Since the theme is laced with farce and horror, it offers a sort of leisurely ambience with frightening scenes appear as less impressive.

K. R. Rejeesh