Stand Up Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | Comedy

Stand Up is an upcoming Malayalam Movie directed by Vidhu Vincent starring Nimisha Sajayan, Rajisha Vijayan, Arjun Asokan and Seema. The movie is produced by Anto Joseph

Feature Film
Release Date: November 15 2019 (India)
Genre: Comedy
Language: Malayalam
Director: Vidhu Vincent

Cast & Crew Details

Diya and Keerthi are friends. Keerthi is an aspiring Stand Up comedian and she is trying to find some opportunities for her shows. Diya becomes a regular presence in the Keerthi's friend's gatherings and through which she get introduced to Keerthi's brother Amal and his friends Jeevan and Sujith. Diya and Amal become lovers eventually. This changes everything for everybody in the group.



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Cast & Crew Details:
Nimisha Sajayan Keerthi
Rajisha Vijayan Diya
Arjun Asokan Sujith
Seema Dr. Asha
Sajitha Madathil Maria
Sunil Sukhada Inspector
Rajesh Sharma Balachandran

Director: Vidhu Vincent
Producer: Anto Joseph
Cinematographer: Tobin Thomas
Editor: Christy Sebastian
Art Designer: Arun Venjaramoodu
Original Story Writer: Umesh Omanakuttan