Wrong Number Bengali Movie

Feature Film | 2019 | Drama

Wrong Number is a 2019 Indian movie directed by Pandit Subendu starring Samadrashi Dutta, Durga Santra, Sayani Ghosh and Sourav Das. The feature film is produced by Joydeb Samaddar and the music composed by Rahul Majumdar.

Release Info:
May 17 2019 (India)   
Language: Bengali
Director: Pandit Subendu
Cast: Samadrashi Dutta, Durga Santra, Sayani Ghosh, Sourav Das

Cast & Crew Details:
Samadrashi Dutta
Durga Santra
Sayani Ghosh
Sourav Das

Director: Pandit Subendu
Producer: Joydeb Samaddar
Production Company: Swastika Film Production
Music Director: Rahul Majumdar
Cinematographer: Indranil Sarkar
Art Designer: Avi Nayek
Screenplay Writer: Premangshu Roy
Dialogue Writer: Bishwajit Haldar