Marconi Mathai Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy, Drama
There are only shades of romance in 'Marconi Mathai', which tells the story of security guard Mathai and his romance with the servant of the bank, Anna. The romantic moments echo feeble waves only, thanks to the tedious screenplay and dismal narration.
Jul 15, 2019 By K. R. Rejeesh

Directed by Sanil Kalathil, 'Marconi Mathai' has an interesting romantic premise that triggers curiosity with regards to the fate of the protagonist. In the company of an ensemble cast, to initiate a good momentum from the outset is the challenge here. Besides, an intriguing tale is the need of the hour to accomplish the task in such a milieu. But in all these aspects,

'Marconi Mathai' falters in sustaining your hopes. Sanil enriches the movie with a host of beautiful frames and at the same time, such kind of a treatment is denied to the tale.

Mathai, the protagonist, attains the nickname Marconi as he is adept in tuning the FM radio station of the village near backwaters. Jayaram plays Mathai aka 'Marconi' Mathai, an ex-military man, who now works as a security guard in a bank.

A bachelor, Mathai is forced by his friends and sister to get married soon. Once Anna (Athmeeya) joins the co-operative bank as a maidservant and he finds himself romance blossoming inside his heart. Unfortunately, Mathai vanishes from the village one day, leaving everyone perplexed. Then Anna begins her journey in search of him.

In the paper, you have an intense romance drama, which, later, is transformed into a ridiculous visual interpretation. Sanil uses the fantasy elements with perfection but the flow of his narration pauses when Mathai falls in love with Anna. The film is co-written by Sanil Kalathil and Rejish Midhila.

There are only shades of romance in 'Marconi Mathai' and the romantic moments echo feeble waves only, thanks to the tedious screenplay and dismal narration.

Vijay Sethupathi appears as the actor, who comes to Kerala for the promotion of his new film. He takes part in a radio programme through which he involves in the incident of Mathai's disappearance. It's very disappointing to see undermining the caliber of an actor like Vijay Sethupathi in his Malayalam debut. It makes you raise your eyebrows while watching the presence of the actor is being mishandled in 'Marconi Mathai'.

Sajan Kalathil smartly contributes some captivating visuals that provide some relief to an extent. In this puerile romance drama, Jayaram gives a mediocre performance in and this ordinary outing is not up to snuff to get your admiration. Athmeeya is simply apt for the role but her grace and mien are not enough to save the movie from falling into the depths of monotony. This is a shoddily written and poorly conceived film with a few aesthetic elements.

K. R. Rejeesh