Family Of Thakurgunj Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
Thakurganj is a violent place. A veritable smorgasbord of character actors who are individually good and often are all crammed together in a hotch-potch revenge and double cross drama where the motives are so blurred that you don't care. Jimmy Sheirgill again proves to be a decent anchor in this violent nonsense.
Jul 19, 2019 By Manisha Lakhe

Jimmy Sheirgill is older of the two sons of Supriya Pilgaonkar. Since the husband is killed, young Jimmy (called Nannu Bhaiyya in the film) takes to crime to educate his younger brother and keep the family together. Younger brother Munnu grows up to be Nandish Sandhu. Munnu is a teacher, an owner of coaching classes and a rather annoying all-round good guy.

Now for the list of all the bad guys who have no clear motive to double cross one another, but they do and then get killed for their stupidity.

Saurabh Shukla is Baba Bhandari, the kingpin. He pits Nannu Bhaiyya against Mukesh Tiwari who plays Badri Pathak (tough to see him in a serious bad guy role). Sajjan Singh (played by Yashpal Sharma) is a bad cop who betrays Jimmy. Raj Zutshi shows up as an increasingly avaricious assassin with rasta hair and pretends to be a womaniser and drunk. Sudhir Pandey is Jagat Chacha, Manoj Pahwa is a drunk person whose home has been occupied by Jimmy. Salil Acharya plays Saurabh Shukla's son in law who gets yelled at (and the poor chap is even made to exercise on two tables put close to one another in a random shot where the baddies are exercising in Baba Bhandari's home. There are many henchmen who die in the crossfire, many henchmen who get slapped because the big bad guys have a temper. There's Mahie Gill who plays Jimmy's wife and is shown to be rather violent and is made to spout strange lines to her husband advising him to collect more money from poor folk, kill enemies...

Yes, Pawan Malhotra arrives after many violent murders and killings to save the day as the police superintendent. He tries to find out who is assassinating the baddies. If you haven't figured that one out, they show you how Munnu wears Nannu's clothes after Nannu has been murdered. As I said, many people die in the film. So does your spirit.

Manisha Lakhe