Pranaya Meenukalude Kadal Malayalam Movie Review

Pranaya Meenukalude Kadal is a run-of-the-mill love story woven in the backdrop of Kavaratti, Lakshadweep. The scenic visuals leave a lasting impression more than the content, which focuses on the romance between a young man from Beypore and a girl from the erstwhile royal family on the island.
Rating: 60%
Oct 7, 2019 By K. R. Rejeesh

Seasoned filmmaker Kamal's latest outing is a romantic tale set in the beautiful locales of Kavaratti in Lakshadweep. Veteran scenarist Johnpaul and the director co-write the screenplay, which focuses on the love affair between a young man from Beypore and a girl from the erstwhile royal family on the island. The conflict in 'Pranaya Meenukalude Kadal' is not unfamiliar for you albeit the visuals through Vishnu Panicker's camera are really captivating. While the conventional trait of the plot evokes mixed reactions, the typical dialect in dialogues and the scenic beauty of Lakshadweep are refreshing as a whole.

Here the romance is somewhat soulless when you assess the manner in which the lead pair falls in love. The scene just before the interval appears like a knee-jerk reaction from the part of the director (it's the same from the part of the hero in the story also!) and it sullies all the sacred essence of the love story. A group of workers from Beypore led by Damodaran (Sudheesh) arrives at Lakshadweep to repair a derelict Uru (a fat boat made of wood) that is owned by the erstwhile Arakkal royal family of the island.

Padmavathi Rao plays Arakkal Beevi Noorjahan, grandmother of Jasmine (Riddhi Kuamar). Hydru (Vinayakan) is a loyal servant of Noorjahan, and he is ready to do what she orders. Ajmal, played by Gabri Jose, the youngest carpenter among the workers, meets Jasmine at the site and suddenly, he falls for her.

Though an educated girl, Jasmine has never been sent out of the island by her mother and grandmother - the former is a widow and the latter is a living victim of a failed romance. Jasmine shares everything with Dr Ansari (Dileesh Pothan), a highly educated man in the village.

Once the premise is set, the plot structure is really on predictable lines. Vinayakan as Hydru gives some mystery at first regarding the story but except his raw and wild demeanour, his acting prowess is not vividly explored here. The character is in dilemma in the decisive phase of 'Pranaya Meenukalude Kadal' as he struggles to take the right decision whether to follow the order of Noorjahan or listens to his conscience.

It's a run-of-the-mill love story woven in the backdrop of Kavaratti. To be precise, more than the content, the scenic visuals leave a lasting impression on us. The biggest fault is the way the romance is conceived. Unfortunately, the expressions of Gabri are misleading and the romantic scenes are totally misfired regarding its impact. Riddhi laps up the opportunity to play a full-length character on her debut in Malayalam with a convincing performance. Kannada actress Padmavathi is the best among the lot and her casting is really good.

Rating: 60%
K. R. Rejeesh