Jhootha Kahin Ka Hindi Movie Review

Jul 19, 2019 By Manisha Lakhe

One thing's for sure, Rishi Kapoor (who plays father to Varun, the boy who lies about not having a family) is very very sincere in his role of a Punjabi dad, who is made to wear a curtain tie as a pajama string (why is that funny?). So are Rajesh Sharma, Manoj Joshi and Lillette Dubey. They are the reason this movie is even watchable. Rajesh Sharma is brother in law to Rishi Kapoor, Manoj Joshi and Lillette Dubey are parents to the girl Varun (lead actor Omkar Kapoor, once a child artiste, then acted in films like Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2) marries. Manoj Joshi is on a wheelchair and is suspicious of his beautiful wife. They argue rather well, and are fun, except that their daughter who marries Varun fails to make her presence felt. Except that she has a condition to marriage: the lad should not have a family, and should move in with her and her parents.

Varun is jobless and is happy to be married. He lies about his family. His best friend Karan (played by Sunny Singh Nijjar, whom you last saw in Sonu Ke Tweetu Ki Sweetie) is also in love with a girl, but lies to her about his brother being in America and that they can get married only when he's back. Varun's dad (Rishi Kapoor) shows up with Rajesh Sharma to Mauritius and rent a bungalow right owned by Manoj Joshi and is located right next to where Manoj Joshi and family (and Varun) live. Jimmy Sheirgill (why this good actor squanders away his currency to act in such crappy, unfunny films will be a mystery) is Karan's brother and who speaks in a Bihari accent. He does a great job, but Karan sounds like a Punjabi person trying to sound Bihari. Jimmy is called Tommy Pandey and hates it if you suggest 'Tommy' is a dog's name.

It should have been a funny comedy of errors, it just isn't. They try calling Lillette 'Lucchi Mehta' for her name 'Ruchi Mehta' and it's not funny; they even have a weird prison sidekick to Jimmy Sheirgill and you wonder why; the two lads break into a dance ever so often and those songs are pointless, and Varun overacts when emoting those songs, which makes it really awkward to watch; they even try to make the joke about an older man (Rishi Kapoor) being lusty for Lillette Dubey so many times, you just cringe... Not even Sunny Leone writhing in a mermaid dress can save this floundering comedy from sinking.

Varun and Karan are two young men in love with two young women. The two lie to be with their girls. One marries by saying he doesn't have a family. The other says his brother will come back from America and then they can get married. The married lad's father shows up and the other lad's brother comes back from prison. The ensuing confusion is not chaotic enough and neither are the misunderstandings funny. Such a waste.
Rating: 4.5 / 10
Manisha Lakhe