Bambharakannaley Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film
Aug 22, 2005 By P.V. Sathish Kumar,Nov 20

Bambhara Kannalaey" is a flick has all the ingredients - emotion, action, sexual innuendos and comedy - but not in right proportions. Though the movie is a good one to watch, it is not to be remembered as it lacks substance, and the zing thing.

Here goes the story…

Arumugam (Srikanth) lives in Housing Board tenement in Chennai. All neighborhood girls including Meena (Namitha) dots on him. One day, Arumugam and his colleagues go to Ooty on an assignment.He sees Pooja (Aarthi Agarwal) and falls in love with her instantly.

Meanwhile, Pooja's parents arrange for her wedding to Vikram Adhitya, who is a baddy. Aarthi, knowing Vikram's vicious character, is crestfallen and seeks Arumugam's help to save her from the proposed marriage.

After a few events, Arumugam returns to Chennai. Vikram follows Arumugam to take revenge, while Aarthi follows him to divulge her true intentions.

Whether, Pooja and Vikram succeed in their mission is told in the climax. The movie plagued by predictability, comes to a tame end.

Srikanth gives the film more heart than it deserves. He once again gives his best performance and hoofs it here to energetic, and cathartic effect.Aarthi Agarwal, who had made her debut in Tamil films with 'Winner', has given a mature performance in 'Bambhara Kannalaey.'

Vadivelu's comedy does not serve to add color to the movie.The blame is squarely on the director for giving him a minimal screen presence, and failing to use his charismatic presence.

Namitha is a real sex bomb.She plays to the gallery, especially the frontbenchers.

Paarthi Bhaskar makes his debut as director, story and screenplay writer in Annamalai Films's 'Bambhara…' It seems, there is a long way to go for the director to make his mark in film direction.Saravana's camerawork does not come anywhere near class.Artwork by Vijaya Murugan is noteworthy. Especially, the recreation of the Housing Board colony and the backdrops in all the dance sequences are impressive. Srikanth Deva has scored fast paced numbers, characteristic of his usual style.

On the whole the movie does not appeal because of its conventional love story at its heart, poor character development and wafer thin story line. But the saving grace is the energetic performance by all the casts, and that covers up for the sloppiness of the movie.

P.V. Sathish Kumar,Nov 20