Radhe Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2021 | UA | Action, Crime, Drama | 1h 49min
Salman Khan and a gang of goons fight with their fists for the most part of Prabhu Deva's mind-numbing action flick. In the process, they test our patience and all of our sensory powers. If you escape this mayhem with all of your organs intact, consider yourself lucky.
May 13, 2021 By Sreejith Mullappilly

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I wonder who the 'your' in 'Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai' refers to. Is it the police system, or the audience? Considering the collateral damage from our Bhai and the goons he bashes up early in the film, no police system worth its salt would want him. Yet, Mumbai's police officers decide to bring back encounter specialist Radhe from suspension to rid the city of its drug mafia. These people give drugs to school kids, and they have control of Mumbai's drug supply over other local goons.

The drug pandemic is at such an uncontrollable level that Radhe must intervene. Why? Because, as one officer says, 'Such savage people require such a savage police officer'. Now, that is just a lame excuse to lift Bhai's suspension and put us through around 2 hours of mind-numbing action that almost deprives us of all sensations.

The action in Radhe is so lousily executed that it makes Rohit Shetty's flicks look far superior. Take Salman Khan's introduction scene, for instance. Khan comes jumping through a window while holding one shard of glass between his teeth. Just as he lands on the floor, he spits that piece of glass at one of the bad guys standing near him. Khan arrives unharmed, but that guy is injured by a piece of glass.

There is no plot here. Radhe is after the goons, and they must stop him. Usually, in films like this, goons at least have a personality. In director Prabhu Deva's world, however, they are all mere caricatures, props cut out from other such films and merely pasted here.

Salman Khan and Randeep Hooda have little to do except for engaging in relentless action scenes for almost the entirety of the film. Disha Patani is mere eye candy. She is here for all those sleazy item songs and the characterless jokes. On the other hand, Jackie Shroff is wasted in a role that sees him do drag. The rest of the characters are there to pay lip service to the one-man show that is Khan/Radhe Bhai.

Now, coming to the second part of the question. Unless you are a blind Salman Khan fan who has signed up for these Sallu movies for life, I doubt whether you would want to see Radhe. The movie is so loud and lousy, plus it parodies older Salman Khan films. Khan even quotes from one of his previous films: "Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di, toh phir main khudki bhi nahi sunta."

In the back of his mind, I presume Khan knows that he is not making masterpieces. Once, he told in an interview that anyone could make these kinds of films. I beg to disagree with him, for only he could do it with such commitment.

Sreejith Mullappilly