Sinam Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2022 | Drama
Sinam could have been a lot better with a tighter narrative!
Sep 18, 2022 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

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Kollywood is riddled with films on crimes against women. The latest to join the bandwagon is director GNR Kumaravelan's 'Sinam'. This subject carries an innate sensitivity and is potent to be offered as an investigative action-drama. That is the path that 'Sinam' has also traversed, with Arun Vijay as an angry action cop.

Pari (Arun Vijay), an honest cop, believes in doing the right thing always, even if it means garnering the grudge of his superiors. His personal life is colorful and happy with his wife (Pallak Lalwani) and daughter. As predicted, he is faced with hardships when his wife is raped and murdered. Things get murkier when his wife is accused of having an extramarital affair. What happened to his wife, and who was behind that? Did Pari manage to crack the case?


The plot has been tried and tested. The movie's short running time and the investigating angle made it a little more interesting. Predictability was inherent in the script. The characterization was also old school. Arun Vijay, in his 25th year gets an action-loaded salute for his introduction. How many times have we seen such cops in such action dramas?

Pallak as the loving wife and an adoring mother, was refreshing and made the character life-like. Kaali Venkat as the constable sidekick for the hero, offers support for the narrative. The rogue villains added the fear and frustration at key junctures.

The investigative elements were there to add some twists and turns to the movie. Fear and emotions were peppered to make the audience root for the hero who goes berserk during the climax to crush everyone responsible for the crime.

The movie's length of 113 minutes largely helps in keeping it crisp and slick. However, the movie could have still made a lot of sense had the investigative portions had much more meat and the crime involved had a bit more sinister intentions. As of now, it just falls as another movie that propagates the audiences to rise against the crimes against women.

Director GNR Kumaravelan could have penned a meatier narrative for a more interesting film. The actor, cast, and length of the movie helped it to reach the finish line. The only crib is that the film could have been a lot better.

Baranidharan Sivasankaran