Kanda Naal Mudhal Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2005
Sep 12, 2005 By : Mythily Ramachandran ,Dec 8 2005

A film to relish….…..like a good cup of coffee," screams the hoardings of Kanda Naal Mudhal. Watching the film, you do enjoy every sip of it, and leaves one feeling young.

This romantic film, a debut by director Priya V. opens with a cultural fest in a college. Krishna is one of the organizers there while Ramya, an outspoken college student from Ethiraj College, has come with her friends to participate in the fest. Krishna and Ramya who have been at loggerheads since childhood, continue to do so even now. They share a dog-cat relationship.

Arvind is Krishna's friend living in the U.S, his mother fondly known as Ramani amma has entrusted Krishna, the task of convincing her son to get married.

So when Arvind comes down, they all go to see a prospective bride. And to Krishna's chagrin, it is Ramya. Arvind and Ramya decide to get married despite Krishna trying his level best to turn Arvind against Ramya.

The engagement ceremony is held but before he departs for the U.S. Arvind changes his mind and calls Ramya to the airport where he tells her that he is just not in love with her.

Shattered and hurt, she holds Krishna responsible.And when she returns home to break the news to her parents, she finds that her younger sister has eloped with her lover.

Consequently her mother suffers from a heart attack and Ramya is unable to disclose the truth. It is during these trying moments that Krishna comes to the family's assistance and unconsciously the two fall in love.

And that is when Arvind decides to come back to India and wed Ramya. Who does Ramya marry? For that you will have to watch the film, Kanda Naal Muthal.

A breezy film, it keeps you entertained through out and as you leave the hall, you can't help chuckling to yourself remembering the quarrels between Ramya and Krishna. A family entertainer, Priya has woven a simple story with good music, minus sexual innuendos and violence.

Prasanna as Krishna is a natural and Laila as Ramya fits the role well. Karthik Kumar as Arvind is good. Revathi as Laila's mother has essayed her role well, although she looks jaded. On the other hand, Lakshmi as Ramani amma is full of life and makes her presence felt. It was an impressive performance by Lakshmi.

The costumes are lovely and care has been taken not to reveal skin or cleavage. Probably only a woman director could look up this angle and make a film for the family without having to resort to double entendres, violence and revealing costumes.

Watch Kanda Naal Muthal for the fun of it, it certainly leaves you feeling younger.

: Mythily Ramachandran ,Dec 8 2005