Amrutha Dhaare Kannada Movie Review

Feature Film
Sep 17, 2005 By RGV, Sep 17 2005

“Amrutha Dhaare” was much hyped in the media mainly because it was the first South Indian film in which Indian Movie legend Amithabh Bachchan had acted. Yes, Big B has really done a cameo in this film and he has a screen presence not exceeding five minutes. But “Amrutha Dhaare” has much more than that. It has some good performances by artists and scintillating music that would be sweet to your ears.

Director Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar has really come out with a winner again. He had previously directed silver jubilee hits like “Nanna Preethiya Hudugi’ and “America America’. He also had some set backs in the form of his earlier film “Paris Pranaya’. But it looks as if Nagathihalli has come back with a bang with “Amrutha Dhaare” which is based on a story narrated to him by actor Ramesh Arvind. Nagathihalli has done perfect homework in preparing a good script for the film.

Being a well-known Kannada literary personality Nagathihalli excels in the dialogue department. He also takes up a vital aspect in our life as fear of death that haunts the human beings who have developed a dangerous sickness like Cancer. He also shows how people connected to the cancer-affected people are affected and disturbed. Though hundreds of films should have been released on this subject, Nagathihalli makes his film interesting by presenting his film differently. There is lot of freshness in the film, the way he looks at the problems facing the young working couple that are ambitious and would like to retain their own identity. The films thin story line and the yawning first half will be almost forgotten in the last 45 minutes of the film.

‘Amrutha Dhaare’ tells the story of a husband and wife who have differences with each other because of contrasting behavior patterns, but still share a strong bondage of love. Ramya plays the role of Amrutha who would like to live for the day, while her husband Purandhara saves the money for the future. Amrutha hails from a poor family who marries a rich Purandhara who has ambitions to build a big house to show his rich and boorish arrogant father that he can lead a good life on his own. He does not spend money and always dissuades his wife’s over spending habits. Both are working separately.

Amrutha is a great fan of the Amitabh Bachchan who comes out in several sequences. Puru realizes the dream of constructing a big house from his savings. On the day of the house warming ceremony, Amrutha falls down unconscious. The scanning reveals that she is suffering from brain tumor, the fact of which is not revealed to Amrutha. Puru changes his attitude and starts spending to keep his wife happy. He even sells his house without the knowledge of his wife and takes her to a Bharath Darshan. In Mumbai the couple meet Big B. The truth about Ramya’s illness comes out on a tour of Ladakh. The couple goes to Taj Mahal, where Amrutha says that she is prepared to accept a big challenge and fight for her life. She also says Puru that both of them should live happily and face the situation boldly.

Ramya has done a great job as Amrutha and it is certainly the best performance of her till date. Dhyan also comes out with a matured performance. All the other character artists have performed their roles well. ‘Amrutha Dhaare’ has some strong technical values in Krishna Kumar’s photography and Mano Murthy’s music. The title song, “Huduga Huduga" and “Giliyu Pandjarodolilla" are really the best songs of the film.

A good film fit enough for a viewing by all the family audience.

RGV, Sep 17 2005