Thanmathra Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film | Drama | 2h 40min
Dec 24, 2005 By Franko Davis

Blessy's second directorial venture Thanmathra hit the screens without much ado, but is quietly stealing its way into the hearts of the viewers. The film is an adaptation of ace director Padamarajan's short story 'Orma'.

It tells the story of Remeshan Nair (Mohanlal), a state Govt. employee who leads a simple and happy life with his wife Lekha (Meera Vasudevan), son Manu (Arjun) a plus two student and daughter Manju (Niranjana) a primary school student. Remeshan is afflicted by Alzheimer's disease and suffers from gradual memory loss. How this affects the family forms the gist of the story.

The way Remeshan becomes aware of the malady that is affecting him is brought out through minute instances - the way he forgets to switch on the scooter, the way he uses his son's brush to brush his own teeth, the way he forgets an official file inside the freezer of the fridge at home, the way he forgets his way to home, the way he thinks he is at home while actually in office.

The film does not make one sad or angry, but leaves one thinking what it would be if one were afflicted by the same illness. That's where Blessy's success lies. The story is poignant and gripping and well told by the director. Mohanlal's restrained acting does more than justice to the role. The same can be said of most of the others who act in the film including Nedumudi Venu who plays the role of Remeshan's father Krishnan Nair.

Special mention should however be made of new find Arjun, a native of Chalakudy who lives with his parents in Dubai. He is a natural. He must be flooded with offers after his performance in the film. With just two films under his belt, director Blessy shows all the markings of a top flight story teller. Already noted directors like Fazil, Sathyan Anthikaad and Priyadarshan have come forward in praise of Blessy's work.

Camera work by Sethu Sriram is superb. Music by Mohan Sitara is just about average. Despite its low-key release, Thanmathra is one of the best movies released in recent months, and a must-watch.

Franko Davis