The Soldier in the Trench Malayalam Short Film

Short Film | 0h 25min

The Soldier in the Trench is a 2020 Indian short film directed by Vivek Prasanth Pillai starring Prayaga Martin, Pranav Govind and Abry Anthraper. Music for the Short Film is composed by Tuhin Goswami.

Release: August 28 2020 (India)
Language: Malayalam
Director: Vivek Prasanth Pillai
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The Soldier in the Trench is a film set in an ethereal scenario where the protagonist, Akriti, is forced into having a conversation with a man named Joshua without being given choice.

Cast & Crew Details:
Prayaga Martin Akriti
Pranav Govind Joshua
Abry Anthraper Soldier

Director: Vivek Prasanth Pillai
Music Director: Tuhin Goswami
Cinematographer: Vishnu Rajan
Editor: Vivek Prasanth Pillai
Art Designer: Caroline Joseph
Original Story Writer: Vivek Prasanth Pillai