Time Enna Boss Tamil Web Series

Web Series

Time Enna Boss is an Indian web series directed by Super Subbu starring Bharath, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Alexandar Babu and Robo Shankar. The web series is produced by Pushpa Kandaswamy S. Mohan and Kandaswamy Bharathan and the music composed by Madley Blues.

Current Status: Post-Production
Release Info:
2020 (India)  
Language: Tamil
Director: Super Subbu


Time Enna Boss is a Tamil sitcom that deals with the everyday adventures of an average IT guy, who ends up sharing his apartment with four random time travelers from different time periods, who accidentally get trapped in present day Chennai.


Cast & Crew Details:
Priya Bhavani Shankar
Alexandar Babu
Robo Shankar
Sanjana Sarathy

Director: Super Subbu
Producers: Pushpa Kandaswamy S. Mohan, Kandaswamy Bharathan
Music Director: Madley Blues
Song Lyrics Writer: Super Subbu
Cinematographer: V Murali Krishna
Editor: E M Arun
Original Story Writers: Naru Narayanan, Mahakerthi, Super Subbu