The Tiger Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2005
Oct 17, 2005 By Franko Davis

"The Tiger", the comeback vehicle for the high-voltage actor-director combo of Suresh Gopi & Shaji Kailas, is slated to be a roaring success. Well directed and slickly packaged, the whole movie has a professional touch to it, even in the way the trailers and the TV promos are done. The story revolves around a missing journalist and the efforts of Crime Branch SP Chandrashekhar to unravel the mystery behind her disappearance.

A distinguishing feature of this whodunit is that there isn't too much gore or too many fight sequences, and in so far as that is concerned it may not strictly fit into the action movie genre. But the story is gripping and the suspense sustained till the very last frames. If you feel the first twenty minutes are a trifle dragging for a typical Shaji Kailas film, don't you worry, because that is the only time you will be sitting relaxed in your seats. After that the narrative shifts gear and moves at a blistering pace, keeping you on tenterhooks all the while as to the identity of the culprit.

One of the highlights of "The Tiger" is the chemistry between hunter Suresh Gopi and the hunted Siddique. Shaji Kailas fully exploits the histrionic talents of both the actors. Suresh Gopi is incredible as Chandrasekhar the suave, cool headed police officer. His immense screen presence and dialogue delivery once again prove he is still the best in the industry to don the police uniform. "The Tiger" has all the essentials for a racy thriller. The reliable Shaji Kailas - Suresh Gopi team has not lost its touch even after a gap of seven long years and has a hit on its hands.

Franko Davis